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National Nut Day 2020

Today, October 22nd, is National Nut Day (Ha! Who knew?!).  In celebratory fashion we all gathered in downtown Waxhaw, NC on a brisk, clear Fall morning to engage in some exercise activities that included a romp through fallen leaves and what would turn out to be a nut free route as we meandered through the mean streets of Waxhaw.

DiCCS(LN) were delivered to include a mention of Leaves and Acorns on the street and to watch out for those, [insert debilitating injury of your preference to want to avoid here], just waiting to happen when you slip on one of these little bastards.


Mosey to the 701 Main Parking Lot for some stretching with a stop along the way at the parking lot of Center Grove Baptist Church for 20 X SSH and 20 X IW. Then continue Mosey over to 701 main for stretching with Downward Dog, Calf Stretch L/R, Runners Stretch L/R and Upward Dog.


Mosey to top of Another Bad Idea for a Triple Nickel – Beginning at first Stop sign, 5 X MT, run to next Stop Sign, 5 X MT, run to bottom of Another Bad Idea, 5 X MT, AYG back to start point  and repeat two more times.

Mosey (the long way) to parking lot at corner of South Main and Church St and do Captain Therkin 1:4 BBSU:AH 1-5….6:24 BBSU:LBC…. 10:40 BBSU:AH, Do 5 X Merkin after completing each round.

Mosey to Rock Formations along S. Providence St for a Bobby Hurley Ladder 1…..10  At first rock do 1 BH, next 2 and so on up to 10.

Mosey back across S. Main to Pedestrian bridge and to front of Mary O’Neill’s and partner up for 100 dips. While partner 1 runs around the block, other partner does as many dips as possible, flap jack until 100 are completed.

Foundation led us in Mary with boat canoe until 1 minute left. Mosey back to COT and done.

Great morning for a workout outside. Clear skies and visible stars to gaze upon as we pushed our bodies past our various points of comfort.

No leaves or acorns presented themselves to any of the PAX and I am very glad for that.

Ex LaX – Gave us some insight into how he was led to F3 by PAX in other regions and reached out to Zinfandel and the rest is history. It was also mentioned that he doesn’t like to run very much but his mentality is do what you hate so you don’t hate it so much. (Sounds like he has bought in to the mantra of getting outside of your comfort zone). Glad to see you posting brother! Keep it up. You will be thankful you did if you aren’t already.


November 7th – Donate $$ or Time or Both for Hot Wheels project to build a wheelchair ramp and sidewalk for 15 year old 9th grader with Spina Bifida.

YHC took us out in prayer. #ctg

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