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Did it all for the swerkins

Having recently attended Site Q School, YHC knows that the goal of the Site Q is to not Q his own site.  But when one is Site Q at such a fun, dynamic and opportunity-filled site like The Body Shop, that guideline is a negative.  With that, YHC was excited to open the garage this week.


3 burpees OYO before heading out.

Short mosey to a nearby lightpole.

  • Hillbillies x 20 IC, then mosey to the next light on the right
  • SSH x 20 IC, then mosey to the next light on the right
  • Merkins x 20 IC, then mosey to the second light on the right, because the next was dark
  • Squats x 20 IC, then mosey to the small turnout on the right
  • Little Orphan Annie x 20 IC
  • Calf stretches


Paula Abdul time!

  • 3 merkins going forward
  • 5 jump squats on the return

Rock work with a lifting rock

  • 20 curls IC
  • 10 overhead presses IC
  • 10 tricep extensions IC
  • 15 or so bent-over rows IC
  • 7 weighted jump squats OYO
  • Brisk run to the second lightpole and then back


  • Repeato 3x total


Head to the lower playground for swerkins!

  • Each PAX took a turn as the timer, doing 15 supine pull-ups while the rest of the group did swerkins
  • As a breather between sets, the timer chose a short intermediate exercise:
    • squats
    • burpees
    • jump squats
    • SSH
    • merkins
    • 2 others


As mentioned above, YHC was excited for the opportunity to Q today, but there’s also a bit of trepidation and wondering how the group will react to the workout.  Some of the weinke was made up on the fly, like any good mechanic’s solutions to an unexplained tick or knock.

The PAX were strong today and gave big effort, and it was exciting to see some faces from distant Waxhaw lands in Rudy and Chastain.  Smuggler earned the Chain of Pain today when he took the “brisk run” to a new level and chased down Chastain in the repeato by going to full-on sprint.  Sledge just doesn’t quit out there, and One Star’s mouth doesn’t quit either, making for entertaining mumblechatter throughout.  YHC’s tennis arms were ‘a painin during the rock work, but a glance over at Deep Dish’s persistence and was the motivation to not wimp out on his weinke.  YHC loves the difficulty of the swerkins and hinted at those on GroupMe the day before — they continue to bring the pain and he commends those not afraid of such a terrible exercise.

In usual garage and YHC fashion, this job finished a little later than expected, but was delivered with a smile and a money-back guarantee.

In the coffeeteria afterwards, One Star and Smuggler expressed some positive comments about the workout and that was highly appreciated.  As mentioned, there’s often a little nervousness heading into the Q, but this was a clear reminder to YHC that some positive reinforcement and kind words go a long way and he’s committing to do that more often.

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