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Waxhaw Board Meeting – Recap

6 of 8 F3 Waxhaw Board members met early Saturday morning to discuss how we can continue to move forward and invigorate Male Community Leadership in our area.

Reminder of WHY we do a lot this “stuff”:  The money We are doing it for other men (the “sad clowns”).  If you don’t have excitement to get guys involved and for helping your community, then time to step back and recharge the batteries.  If you DO have a passion for helping others and want to do more within F3 Waxhaw, you are “Freed to Lead” a new project, but also encouraged to reach out to one of the Board members to see where you can get plugged in.  Stop waiting for somebody to ask you.  

1st F Update (Functional Qs Dasher and Chastain):

  • Site Q’s:  Who is ready to roll on/off?
    • Homecoming needs 2nd Site Q
    • Recalc mentioned looking for replacement at Impromptu
    • Watchtower needs replacement with Smithers baby on the way?
  • New/recent AOs that can use support
    • Neighborhood Watch, MASH, Blackhawk, Arsenal
    • Tuesday evening workout (C3PO as Site Q):  Recommendations are to try a new location as well as signup a PAX to Q
  • November challenge:  Get PAX involved with something extra
    • Who wants to step up and run one? 
    • Chastain’s idea of “Passport” which is hitting all AOs in one month
  • Calendar/Website issues that need fixing
    • MASH – Check calendar, get 6 individual days
    • Blackhawk – Chastain to work with Deflated
    • Website – can we pull off South Charlotte? Posse/Zinfandel working on it
    • Do we have a volunteer to step up now that Legalized left?  
  • Quarterly Convergence (Spartan race type workout)
    • Dasher talking to Orange Whip for ideas

2nd F Update (Functional Qs Zinfandel and Gerber):

  • Christmas party:
    • Not this year
    • Encourage couples getting together
  • EFFEES Award Show
    • Still on . . . Dec date TBD
    • Maybe doing it in parking lot
  • Happy hours
    • Recalc doing monthly?
    • Look at moving time to get more participants?
  • Lunches
    • Encourage smaller groups vs. one large group
  • F3 Dads:
    • On hold til Spring

3rd F Update (Functional Qs Shop Dawg and Centerfold):

  • Hot Wheels:
    • We have received donations to cover cost of project ($525) . . . AWESOME and THANKS!
    • Still need volunteers to do wood replacement and landscaping
    • Waiting on concrete donation/timing . . . Stay tuned
  • Rice n Beans volunteer night:
    • Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Uptown . . . Feeding the homeless
    • Centerfold to Get Signup genius and a couple guys organized
    • Anybody have a passion/calling for helping in this area?
  • Service projects:
    • Looking at various projects and PAX to lead them
    • Schools, COTS, T-Day meal delivery, Downtown cleanup


  • 10 Year F3 Anniversary:
    • January MLK weekend in Wilmington, NC
    • Let’s show up strong like we did at The Arsenal
    • Get a couple PAX and rent an AirBNB
  • F3 T-Shirts:
    • Mad Dog will put together a Waxhaw shirt order through MudGear
  • 6th Man:  This new tradition is going well
    • Continue to encourage PAX to share what F3 has meant to them
  • New guys:  How do we get them to stick and get integrated with group more?
    • One idea:  Friday post workout Coffeeteria in parking lot
    • Who wants to lead something like this?
  • Backblasts:  Make them funny again
    • Share some memories of the workout
    • Stop focusing so much on the exercises and # of reps

F3 is special.   This Waxhaw Region is special.  Let’s not take it for granted.  You might not think about it, but it actually takes a lot of effort to get what we have.  And it will take more effort to keep it going and keep it GROWING!  Are you willing to give a little more effort . . . To help a guy who needs it?  Some guys in leadership need a break so we need you to take a turn.

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