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Is the Flash ready for the big screen?

Holy moly I slept awful. You would think I would be better prepared for my 51st Q but it’s been a hot minute since I led. The excitement of Qing on a Monday morning mixed with the fear of oversleeping was just too much. However I got extra time on the bidet and almost nothing is better than that.

It was beautiful cool, crisp morning and I’m happy for that because whatever material this costume is made of is going to be hot.

It’s looking like a good crowd! DiCCS given. An FNG. A quick pep talk to focus on form. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the high school. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC

3. Jimmy Dugan

4. 10 x Merkins CC

5. Calf Stretch

6. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC or plank jacks. Whatever.

7. Leg Stretch

8. 10 x Deep Slow Squats IC

Mosey to side of high school for a classic Merkin Air Press Webb. 1 Merkin & 4 Air Presses up to 10 & 40.

Mosey to circle by track and form a tight circle. Time for some Lt Dans. 1 deep squat & 4 jump lunges.

Only half completed….

Mosey towards large HS parking lot. 1st light, 10 x Speed Skaters and back. 2nd Light, 10 x Speed Skaters and back. Out to end of parking light, 10 x Speed Skaters and back. 10 x Monkey Humpers between each round.

Mosey towards stairs. 1 x Big boy sit-ups. 4 x LBCs. 2 x Carolina Dry Docks between each round. Half completed and let’s roll out…

Mosey to back of middle school picnic tables. 30 x dips. 15 x In & Outs. Repeat but with only 15 of each exercise. Complete round 6 & 7 of each previous webb.

Mosey back towards, line up at the front of the middle in two lines. True Indian run back to COT with 2 minutes to spare. Completed round 8 of Webb’s. All done!


Decided to start the week with a gang of Webb’s. Decent distanced moseys in-between to keep the HR up and high rep exercises to burn out specific parts of the body was just perfect. Also a bit cruel but after my 4 weeks off I need a crash course in kicking my own ass.

Thanks to everyone for joining me this AM and thanks for pushing through. Apologies on my inability to count and/or give proper instructions. 5 days left to go this week.

Welcome FNG Waterboy and thanks for taking us out Chastain!


• Freed to Lead! Passionate about ways to lend a helping hand or clean up something in our community, take charge. We will follow!

• Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k or 10k – sign up today! This is wife and family friendly so click Chicken Little’s link

• THIS FRIDAY – everyone is encouraged to dress up for a special workout we have planned. Let’s do it!!

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