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You stole my Q!!

Well, thanks Teddy for screwing the pooch there!!!

A handful of the Bushwood faithful decided late Sunday night to help christen a new AO (Firestarter) to some local neighbors with SOB. YHC had already made up his mind as to what his wienke was gonna be prior to that bootcamp, but saw the SOB Q at SOB must have had a covert op to sabotage the following day. QIC was definitely sore, but after some quick discussion with the pax decided to say “It’s so nice, I wanna do the same thing twice!” (Credit-Somewhat: Sublimes Bradley Nowell-Boss DJ)

We do a lot of plyometrics and just tad bit of running normally, QIC wanted to switch it up and go with full weight train. So, rest up fellas, all coupon work coming your way.

I rolled in a bit early and sat in the car with the seat warmer on trying to loosen up a tight back, pax started rolling in a joking around as usual… We had a new FNG come in that had gone to a Saturday workout with J-Wow and Shop-Dog, but hadn’t been named. Little did Isaac know, the last few Pax named Bushwood may have regretted it, including yours truly (thanks One-Star). So this helped as we all had something to look forward to.

Had the Pax do a little pre-stretch and we were ready to roll.


Quick Mosey to the back 9:

18 IC as per bushwood standards: SSH/IW/Peter Parkers, Up-Down Dog/Calf Stretch


QIC said this was gonna be a weight workout, so head to the coupon pile and grab “your rock” for a full workout

Pair up: exercise with coupon, the other runs a lap 5 merkins at halfway

  • Curls:200
  • Overhead Press: 200
  • Squats: 200
  • Chest Press 200
  • Shoulder Raises: 200 (more than a few complaints here, but a QIC favorite)
  • Tricep Extensions: 200
  • Bent over rows 200
  • Shrugs 200
  • Hernias: 150

Time flies when having fun, Right? Well, some nice tunes helped keep things moving, but we had to audible as time was running out. Some Pax modified the last three to an extent as QIC yelled out to finish what they were on and blast through a couple of the other before heading back to COT.  Good thing the 5 Merkins were forgotten in the instructions, otherwise we probably would have finished less.  Pretty sure no one decided to venture to the Hernias, but did see a few shrugs and rows as they are not ones we do very often. Have to even out muscle groups.

With time coming to an end, replaced coupons, and mosey back to COT with some LBC’s for the 6.


Weather is getting to that perfect mix for the outdoors, and always a treat to be out with good company. Was great to switch it up a little bit from the usual workouts. Had multiple PAX say they would like to include more weight training in, well I’m your Huckleberry there anytime. We did not neglect the running tho, we hit just over 2.5 miles staying in one place and likely would have had a lot more had we finished. Was told we may have to wrap this one up at the Body Shop at a later date.

FNG: Isaac Cordero 39 (Judge Smails) comes to us from El Paso, Texas originally and is a colleague of Dredd, He had had been asked to come out for 9 months, but said he kept making excuses, but is now glad he came out. He is one of 8 kids, (insert Mormon/Irish Catholic joke here) and the Bushwood crew has been patiently waiting for an Attorney/Prosecutor to be named at MES to fill the vacant Judge Smails namesake. sorry all the female names are take Isaac (hey Lacey Underalls is still available i believe), but welcome aboard.


Nov 9 & 16 CPR training


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