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Waxhaw Express brings the laughs

12 men and a Ghost Flag showed up to The Laugh Factory Train Station (Ed. Note:  my early push for a nickname when this becomes official AO).


  • DCCS with focus on Safety:
    • Headlamps required as we will be on main roads
    • Run on same side of road as front guys
    • Run with a partner/wingman
    • Laugh often
  • Quick circle around front of middle school
    • Smattering of exercises (even a merkin)
    • Knock Knock jokes


  • It’s Waxhaw Express . . . We run.  Period!
  • QIC would give a destination about .5-1 mile away
  • Front PAX run to that spot and circle back for 6
  • Repeat for 6-7 miles


  • TRAIN SCHEDULE:  This was billed as “10k prep for Makeshift Marathon at a slower pace”
    • REALLY impressed to see 12 PAX with several Waxhaw Express newbies
  • HIGH SPEED RAIL:  Gerber and Tool Time were clearly on this train . . . Thanks for the pull all morning
  • STEAM ENGINE:  YHC was spewing his usual chatter
  • LIGHT RAIL:  Baio doesn’t seem to be fazed by any speed and just glides right behind the tracks of Gerber and TT
  • ELECTRIC:  Awesome Teamwork by Carb Load, Chicken Little, Sugar Daddy, and Premature training for their team relay together (Mad Dog is 5th teammate but traveling today)
  • STREET CAR:  These old worn down and tired looking units are generally the most reliable, especially on the hills of San Francisco Lawson . . . Isn’t that right Dasher and Easy Button?
  • FREIGHT TRAIN:  This usually is Legal Zoom with those clogs heavy sneakers but he has lightened up a bit
  • MAINTENANCE:  Foundation assumed this role nicely since his actual job is working on trains


  • Prayers for Kelli, Premature’s M, who is seeking healing, guidance, and wisdom on next steps with her auto-immune disease
  • Congrats and THANKS to Schneider for stepping up as the new Watchtower Site Q (replacing Smithers) . . . Bringing some much needed Respect to the Tuesday workout


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