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We Eat Pieces of _____ Like You For Breakfast!

The costume choice was simple for my 54th Q but I honestly didn’t love the options all that much. Focusing on the positive, #1 it wasnt a dress and #2 it wasn’t hot as a damn sauna inside. At 39 poop/fart jokes are still some of my favorites so dressing as literal doodoo was perfect.

Interestingly enough I’m not sleeping well this week in fear I will sleep through my alarm like that 1 time. But this week is too important to my being so…

Crappy DiCCS given. Bottlecap’s poo lipstick flavor quickly discussed. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the basketball court. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 10 x Merkins IC

4. Jimmy Dugan

5. Calf Stretch

6. The new classic, leg stretch

Mosey to Bad Idea. 10 x Bobby Hurley’s at the top and 20 Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom. 2.5 times aka stop at the top.

Mosey to graveyard. Big Gas Webb. 1 Big Boy Sit Up. 4 Gas Pumps. 2 Hand release Merkins. 5 rounds completed.

Mosey to Waxhaw Elementary. Break into groups of 3. Partner 1 stays on one end. Partner 2 goes to other end of lot. Partner 3 is the timer and will jail break to one side of the lot to swap spot with other partner. When not running the other partners are completing the exercises. Rinse and repeat until each person has run twice. Exercises are Speedskaters, elbow plank and Squats. Audible because people are idiots.

10 minutes to get from Waxhaw Elementary. Let’s roll. What’s that rumbling noise? Is that a choo-choo yonder into the distance? What’s the protocol with no time left to get back to COT in time? My maternal instincts kicked and I knew I had to get my children back in time so told everyone to just keep running. I was right you know.

We arrived at 6:13.5am. Finished up another round of the Ab Webb. That was a wrap


I learned instructions are hard when having to count higher than 2. Good lord was that audible painful. Just when I thought we figured out it got worse. Live and learn a bit. And by that I mean, never do that again.

Interestingly enough Tic Tok approached me at the end to let me know we met once a year or so ago while at a work dinner in Charleston. Apparently I was chatting him up about F3 a bunch and he knows Glidah and Catfish. Hot damn, it worked!!

It was a great morning. I hurt all over. Taking off for 4 weeks was well worth it but getting back out there is brutal. I’m not looking forward to it happening again but undoubtedly will. If you haven’t posted in awhile tomorrow is an opportunity to refill your F3 soul a bit.


• Special Friday workout/convergence. Bring your favorite costume and some awesome energy. We got something special planned.

• CPR class – see Surge if he ever decides to workout again

• Virtual Turkey Day 5k or 10 – see Chicken Little for more details

• Freed to Lead! Passionate about ways to lend a helping hand or clean up something in our community, take charge. We will follow!

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