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With or Without you

Halloween Q without Zin?  Yup.  His costume or cardio runeth empty for day 6 so I got the emergency call up.  Lots of options on Saturday so was not sure of the crowd, BUT was pleasantly surprised to see a nice showing – 14 Pax.

DCCS – yes 1 FNG – extra reading of DCCS.  Also got word that the ghost flag was under attack at Commitment – oh well.

Warm up – we would hit every light pole on the two entrance roads with various exercises – 10+ ligths

The thang –

Wall Work at front of School: 1:5 hand release merkins/Wall jump touch – so do 1 HR merkin then 5 Wall Jump Touch.  go to 10 – repeato with several variations.  Add in a ab web.

Mosey to base of entrance/hill for Evil Elevator.  Run a lap and add to the exercise from previous

-10 Mike Tysons run a lap = 1/4 mile

-10 Mike Tysons/20 Squats – run a lap

-10 MT/20 Squats/30 shoulder taps(2 is 1) – lap

-10 MT/20 Squats/30 shoulder taps(2 is 1)/40 lunges- lap

-10 MT/20 Squats/30 shoulder taps(2 is 1)/40 lunges- lap/50 Big Bois

Mosey to tables

various step ups and derkins

parking lot suicide

mosey to COT – but 1 minute of parking space merkin walk

Welcome Eric Christianson FNG = Reno.  He lived in Waco, Texas – first thoughts were Karesh–which led to Janet Reno….

This is a great site, even without the track and HS side of things.  Lots of different levels showing up – form Das Boot the runner to Ditka the masher, and a ton of fairly new faces.  Lots of fun to Q this group.


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