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“I love crepes”…NOT

Wednesday, November 4

Brothers:  25…FNG (Hang Up), Cargo, Posse, Fusebox, Loafer, Flanders, Nailz, Reaper, Shop Dog, Snitzel, Doughboy, Sugar Daddy, Ex-Lax, 0 69, Dilbert, Undercoat, Surge, Xerox, Ditka, Popeye, Rockwell, Draper, Rudy, Sledge-O-Matic, and Mayhem

As you will recall, the great Ricky Bobby (not our beloved F3 brother, but Wil Ferrell) in Talledega Nights refused to say “I love crepes” while Frenchy held his arm behind his back before finally breaking it.  Cal (John C Reilly) swoops in and states “don’t you say it Ricky.  These colors don’t run.”  Well this morning, they did…with a little gear work as well.

25 F3 brothers sported their F3 gear, American paraphernalia, and bandanas to show solidarity for this country and each other.  Yes, Fitness (F1) is important to all of us.  Fellowship (F2) in our communities (CPR training on November 9 and 16), wheelchair project on November 7, Makeshift Marathon on November 14, Briarcrest run coming up, and weekly folding parties and giveaways at Christ’s Closet) are equally important.  Don’t forget the 3rd F (Faith).  Q Source meetings on Mondays and Fridays, bible study on Zoom calls and in person on Saturdays and Sundays, and discipleship study (with pizza and beer) on Monday nights.  My point…during this time of flux in the election process, rioting, racial injustice, furloughs, COVID 19, we can be positive change agents in our homes, communities, and nations.  Braving the cold was one thing to overcome this morning.  Being there for each other to overcome the things that will hit us today, tomorrow, and in weeks, months, and years to come…MUCH more important.

OK, enough of that.

Exercises (if the Lexicon is incorrect, asking for grace).  Mash and Bootcamp collided for some blood (I pricked my finger on a rock), sweat (the salty discharge coming from my face), and tears (didn’t see anyone crying, but it may have happened).


Farmers carry to middle of parking lot

Irkins with coupons

Heels to heaven

Dirkins with coupons

Block burpees

Mash moseys to light and/or moseys around Mount Chiseled

Basketball slides (5 to left/5 to right with Bobbly Hurleys mixed in.  As a side note, pains me to acknowledge him, me being a Tarheel)

Jane Fondas (I made that up) with coupons and bricks


Kettle bell swings

Plank jacks

Ditkas/punches with bricks

Moroccan night clubs

Side straddle hops

Russian crab dips

Potato pickers

21s/curls with coupons

Shrugs with coupons and/or bricks

1 handed pushups (alternating) on coupons

Love handle sit ups (made that up too)

Tricep extensions

Etc. and so forth

Ended with Have a Nice Days.  Favorite part.

I’m sure I forgot something.  Oh well…

Thanks to Fusebox for “voluntelling” me to queue.

Thanks to Posse for taking the family photo (I’m IT challenged).

Later brothers.  Thanks for who you were, are, and will be moving forward.

Mayhem out

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