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Dromedary 6 Year Special Anniversary

Starting the morning at 37 degrees can always be painful but feels like heaven after 10- minutes. DiCCS were given two minutes before 5:30 started with a 600M Mosey which is only makes sense for 6-year anniversary. PAX ten completed the warmup:

20 SSH

15 Imperial walkers

10 downward and 10 upward dog

Calf stretch 15 seconds per leg

Left and right runners stretch

The Thang

PAX divided up into 2 teams and was introduced to the 6-station circuit which were equally spaced around the 600M loop.

  • Burpees
  • Heels to heaven
  • Mike Tysons
  • Bomb Jacks
  • Flutters
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Once circuit complete – run a 600M lap

Team one started with the right-hand side of the circuit while the second team started on the left. The teams were tasked to complete the circuit 5 times with a 600M run after loop. Being a six-year anniversary, only makes sense to do multiples of 6 reps at each pain station. Round one started with 30 reps and the next round was reduced by 6. Rinse and repeat, three more times. Well we did not complete 5 rounds but did get through 4 which equated to 84 reps at each pain station and logged 3 miles.

Team one had the honor of starting with 30 Burpees while team two started with 30 Dry Docks. Team two completed 4 stations while team one was only on second station. One Star said, something must be wrong with team one guys. Zinfandel said wait until you guys get to the last station. Reality hit them quickly how much fun it was to complete 30 Burpees! One Star stated during Namarama, I now understand and that was not nice!

Everyone pushed hard today and got in a good workout F3 style! I wanted to give a shout out to Goodfella for all he has done to assist with building up Dromedary and in our thoughts!


Service project, Hot Wheels, downtown Waxhaw to build a ramp for a nine-year girl in a wheelchair Nov 7th.

Chicken Little will lead a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day and post info on The Playhouse and News Channel.

Makeshift Marathon 2020 Nov 14: complete marathon by creating a relay team, run a 10k, run ½ marathon, or run complete marathon by yourself. Please makes sure you go to link and register.

Prayer Request

Kelli Niro (premature wife) decided not to take the medication and need our Lord to guide her.

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