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Where no one knows your name

It’s good to be new. Try out new things, visit new places, Q new sites. Thanks to One Star and Fiji for allowing me to spread my wings and run around an AO I’ve only visited once before. In case you hadn’t heard, the 2020 Passport Challenge is underway and it’s designed to get you out of your comfort zone. That is, those repeat AOs you post at every week and everybody knows your name. And no, not the Cheers bar.

This beautiful morning we had 14 pax that took a stroll around the greens of Bushwood. Eager to make a good impression, YHC sported a sleeveless shirt, complete with collar. Everyone got the DiCCS and we departed for destinations unknown.


A quick loop around the bus lot for some SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs and that’s it

The Thang

Off to the neighborhood to hit the holes. The theme would become apparent pretty quickly. At the top of each road we do an exercise and at the cul-de-sac we do an exercise. They’re all OYO but I made myself clear (or at least I thought I did) there was to be no standing around and no Mary. If you’re fast (or you cheat) then you go back and pick up the six. Run with them. Do the exercises with them. Don’t wait around. That didn’t exactly happen…We’ll get to that. For those who care, here are the exercises for each road:

  •   Turkey Hunt
    • 20 Speedskaters in the green
    • 5 Burpees at the tee
    • Repeato
  • Red Twig
    • 15 Merkins in the green
    • 15 Dry Docks at the tee
  • Painted Turtle
    • 20 Big Boys in the green
    • 20 Box Cutters at the tee

So when you haven’t posted at a site before, you rely on Google Maps. When you rely on Google Maps, things seem closer on the screen than they do in real life. YHC fell victim to that and had to audible a bit and cut out some planned cul-de-sacs. We eventually moseyed our way to the Arborvitae cul-de-sac and followed the trail back out to the school, but not before YHC noticed pax standing around and not going back for the six. Someone mentioned Monkey Humpers at one point and I mentioned they might make an appearance if there was any more standing around. Apparently the Bushwood crowd loves some Monkey Humpers so we worked those into the rotation.

Back to the trails, we can now see the school so the call came for a Burpee Run. You know, like an Indian Run, but the person at the back of the line does a Burpee then sprints to the front. From the woods all the way to COT I think only 2 pax did a Burpee and sprinted. No idea what happened there. Methinks mutiny. No worries.

Line up on the curb for some Suicides. To the far curb and back – 5 Burpees. Repeato with 10 Mike Tysons. Repeato with 15 Bonnie Blairs. Thanks to One Star for pointing out the expansive wall. We finished up with a few rounds of Donkey Kicks then made our way back to COT.


I had fun. I dunno about everyone else. The last time I posted at Bushwood was the beginning of January. That was too long of a break. I’ll be back sooner next time. Don’t forget to stamp your passports!


  • F3 10 Year Anniversary is coming up in January down in Cape Fear. It’s a multi-day affair and many of the events are M and 2.0 friendly. Check the official F3nation website or your corresponding social media site for more details
  • Passport Challenge is in effect. Fill it out here
  • CPR class on 11/16 – Waxhaw Bible Church from 6pm to 8pm. It’s only $15 and the money goes to a great cause. See Surge (Jim Connell) or go HERE to sign up


YHC took us out


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