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Family Dining by Candlelight

Tonight was the first Clyent Dinner post Daylight Savings so would be getting dark shortly after we started.  The goal was to keep the runs shorts, activity level high, and keep off the vehicular areas with the 2.0s.

19 pax w/ their 2.0s came out for Candlelight Dinning.

This is a late post so I can remember everything.  I know we did a Merkin, Donkey Kick, Big Boy web counting down from 10 to 1.  Mike Tysons were served along with squats and LBCs.  Dips, Derkins, and Step Ups were served for dessert with a side of Burpees

The main takeaway from tonight was the TEN 2.0s out there.  That’s right, the 2.0s outnumbered the pax.  That’s awesome.  Clyent Dinner did not set out to be an evening 2.0 friendly workout but with pax schedules and responsibilities it sort of evolved that way and it’s great.  The pax get a great workout and get to bring their 2.0s along for the ride.

Having your 2.0 seeing you out there working out and working out with you is a huge bonding moment.  A lot of our 2.0s have probably seen a lot more sedentary time than normal this year and Clyent Dinner is another way to get them out there moving.  Personally, Clyent Dinner is one of my most looked forward to workouts of the week due to the time I get to spend with my 2.0 and the meal we grab together afterwards.

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