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Living the 2% Life

What does that even mean?  2% effort? Showing up 2% of the time?

13 pax decided to live the 2% life and came out to Pursuit.  5 Ruckers and 8 Runners

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


  • This is Pursuit so the warm ups are simple
  • .8 mile run to the second traffic circle up Millbridge Parkway from the clubhouse.
  • SSH, IW, Jimmy Dugan, Calf Stretch, Glida FTH (foot to hand), and LBMC (little baby mountain climbers)

The Thang:

The Big Dipper:  Start at the traffic circle and run to the end of Millbridge Parkway until it dead ends on Lynn Cover.  Take a right and follow back to Millbridge Parkway and back to the traffic circle.  Loop is a little over a mile.  Next time run the loop the opposite direction.  If you look at your Strava map it kinda looks like the Big Dipper.

Continue running the loop in a clockwise then counter clockwise direction until 6:05 and then meet back at the traffic circle to group mosey back.  Most everyone completed 4-5 Big Dipper loops.


Rainy day workouts are my favorite.  Why?  Because you have to commit to them the night before not truly knowing what the morning will bring.  That’s life.  So many times you plan for something to go right and it goes wrong or you plan for something wrong and it goes right.  The challenge in life is to not let your external circumstances dictate your internal decisions and choices and who you are.  This morning may have ended up being rain free and only “wet and moist” but these men decided last night that regardless of the 98% chance of rain in the morning they were going to post.  That makes them part of the 2% today and well done.   Stay part of the 2% because it defines you as a leader and makes you stand out among other men.  Also, encourage and push others to join you in the 2%.


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