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Saturday Sun and Run

7 Pax plus the Q showed up for a beautiful Saturday morning. Posse had been hitting me up for months, so I finally gave in to the pressure. We had just recently turned the clocks back, and the sun was already rising, so it was nice not having to wear headlamps for the morning workout.

    1. The Warm Up – Easy mosey from the COT up to the entrance of the middle school and then back down the hill from the entrance past the COT to the parking lot to the north east parking lot near the benches.
      1. 15 side straddle hops
      2. 15 imperial walkers
      3. 15 potato pickers
      4. calf stretch
      5. runners stretch
      6. 10 merkins
    2. The Thang -Headed to the bus parking lot used the lines for the bus parking as our line markers.
      1. 11’s – started with merkins, Ran 10 spots then did 1 big boy situp. came back to the second spot and did 9 merkins then back to the end for 2 big boy sit-ups continued all the way to 1 merkin and 10 big boy sit-ups
      2. Broke Back Hill РBy the entrance near 12 Mile Creek Rd. in between 2  street lights, we ran up hill backwards came down and did 5 burpees rinsed and repeated each time lowering the number of Burpees to 1
      3. Moseyed back to the North East parking lot where the benches are and did 10 dirkins, 20 step ups and 25 dips then did a lap around that parking lot. Repeated 2 times
      4. moseyed back to the bus parking lines. This time we did 10 drydocks, ran to the last spot and did 10 LBC’s came back to the 2nd spot and did 9 drydocks went back to the end and did 10 LBC’s again. We continued until we got to the last line and had only 1 drydock and 10 LBC’s
      5. Moseyed over to the basketball court. around the perimeter of the court we did a squated side step around the entire perimeter stopping at each basketball hoop to do 10 Bobby Hurleys. Once we went all the way around we repeated in the opposite direction.
      6. mosied back to the front of the school  did a webb of donkey kicks and air presses. (Some pax did not like the double count) We only went up to 5 Kicks and 20 (OR 40) airpresses.
      7. We then mosied back up to the entrance of the middle school and then came back down to the COT.
      8. Spent the last 30 seconds doing heels to heaven.
    3. The Moleskine – Over all I think it was a pretty good workout. This was my first time Qing at this site and the first time I Q’d a 1 hour workout. I think we ended up running about 4 miles. (according to my iWatch) We had really nice weather and a good time.
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