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A call to the bull pen was made last night to swap weeks at Impromtu.  I was supposed to be on next week, but with Chastain seeking to keep Waxhaw in the lead for the passport challenge he decided to post to an SOB workout this morning and swap Q’s with me instead.  Luckily for me (and Chastain), I already had my next weeks Q planned.   Chastain both happy and confused that I plan my workouts a week in advance (I then let him know that yesterday’s Floater was planned out over a year ago which blew his mind).

On to the workout….I really like doing team style workouts in F3.   It builds comradery with some extra 2nd F, plus adds a competitive component.   So here goes for a team amprap workout….TAMRAP if you will.



Hot lap around the parking lot and back down to Rudy’s Poop Palace where Pax gathered along the wall for squat presses as other pax arrived.  I “snake drafted” the pax into 5 teams (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1….).  We did some wall slaps and then started moseying towards the round a bout.  I got half way there and realized the 6 and gazelles were getting separated so I decided to do some stretching earlier than planned.  Calf Stretch, Downward Dog, Jimmy Duggan.   Keep going towards the Round A Bout.



Hub & Spoke workout.  Each team would start at one of the five outer workouts.  Once completing it you would run to the center for alternating 10 fence jump squats or 10 Russian Get Ups (Located near round a bout fence).  Rotate counter clockwise through the outer 5 spokes.  The 5 outer exercises were:

  • 20 Dry Docks (located at bottom cul de sac)
  • 20 Merkins (Located back down path towards Rudy’s Shed)
  • 20 Foot Release Squats (Located at benches near the school)
  • 20 Dips (Located at wooden benches)
  • 20 Heels to Heaven (Located near rock pile at Football parking lot.)

A couple additional rules:

  • If a team ever passed you, your team had to do 2 burpees.
  • You must stay together as a team.
  • Exercise must be performed in some kind of cadence and every pax must lead at least one exercise.

We did this for 30 minutes.  My team got through 2.1 rounds.  We were never passed and I don’t think any other team had burpees so we must have all done close to 2.1 rounds.

I was disappointed to hear that everyone pushed equally hard and no teams were passed for the burpee penalty.  I decided to take care of that by calling 2 burpees per light pole heading from Rudy’s PP back to COT.



  • I was the odd man out today as everyone had an even 3 people on their team.  I decided to join the team of Ackbar, Banjo, and the FNG (now named Back In The Day).
    • The second F goal was achieved.
      • It was great catching up with Banjo (truthfully, I really had missed him and I hadn’t realized it until I saw him this morning).
      • I always like hanging with our ultimate optimist Ackbar.  He reminded us several times to enjoy the downhill runs (the ultimate pessimist in me kept thinking “But we have to run back up them”).  I may have made a masturbation joke in Ackbar’s direction (a preacher!) when he picked up the cone to head back and made reference to playing with cones.  That will be fun reliving that one at St. Peters gate.
      • Back In The Day got indoctrinated quickly today.  I think we had him counting cadence by the second exercise we got to and he picked it right up.  I heard him mention the runs were killing him (he and My Pleasure were pax 1 and 2 on the opening seeding run so I don’t believe that for a minute).
  • The back to back to back leg exercises killed me (10 fence squat jumps, 20 foot release squats, 10 Russian get ups).
    • And speaking of Russian Get Ups, boy did they start to suck the further we went.  By the last two rounds, I was using one arm to help push me up as my legs were dead.
  • To no ones surprise, the three man respect team of Recalculating, Shop Dog, and Ricky Bobby (I think?) missed one of the five outer exercises.
  • Didn’t see or hear much out of the other groups as I was struggling to keep up with my own group but I think everyone pushed hard just by the observance of no burpees.
  • Earlier in the year I set a goal for myself (some may call it a new years resolution but I don’t, I hate those) to be more proactive about reaching out to people I think of.  In the past a name would pop in my head for what ever reason.   “Oh, I haven’t seen Showgirl in awhile”.  “I wonder how Moneyball is doing in Tennessee” “How much longer will Dancing Bear blame his vaginitis on a seasonality disorder”.   I’ve done a pretty good job year to date on reaching out and checking in when those names pop in my head.  But Banjo was one that I’ve thought about a couple times and hadn’t reached out.  Shame on me.  It was good to hear today that he has landed on his feet – new home, new job, and now more time to get back with us out in the gloom.
  • FNG Back In The Day was named due to his statement of “back in the day, I played…”   All I heard was back in the day as there was an uproar from the pax that we had found his name already.   Welcome out and kudos to My Pleasure for EH’ing him.  Since yall both work at Chick Fil A, how about asking Gavin Newell aka Tupperware when the hell he’s going to man up and come join us again.   Damn it, I just thought of another name….looks like I will be reaching out to Tupperware today.


  • Makeshift Marathon tomorrow at Kohls.  Several road crossings so be careful!!!
  • C3PO and myself and converging at Kohls for a bootcamp workout starting at 6:30.  It is the only Waxhaw bootcamp open so don’t go to Commitment, Homecoming, or BlackHawk.
  • CPR class openings for this Monday.  Sign up.
  • Reminder by Chastain who posted in SOB to wear reflective gear and headlamps.
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