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Game time temps were perfect 44 AND ticket sales were pointing to a sold out Cutty Stadium.  So my pregame weinke had me going with some lifting rocks and doing a FLMASH type workout>> figure there were a good number of runners a tad sore from the make-shift marathon.

32 total for  a monday at Cutty – Nice work everyone.


Lap around middle front and back to COT.  Various SSH, Merkins, Big Boi, Dugan

The Thang – Mosey to the rock pile and pick up a Lifting Rock.  One of the things I like about MASH is that they All do the exercises together (which makes it easier to spot the form cheats).

From Rock Pile path to cut-out on the left:

25 Overhead Press>>>run to cut-out and bear crawl cut out

25 Curls>>>run to cut-out and broad jump the cut out

Mosey to wall area before the cafe

10 T merkins/10Wall Jumps/9 T Merkins/9 Wall Jumps/8 T merkins/8 wall Jumps

Back to rock pile for round 2

Triceps>>>>cut out  and bear crawl

Bent over row>>>cut out and broad jump

Burpee rock o Rama -line up next to your rock – rotate clockwise around each rock doing a jump over burpee

Combo overhead/curl – run to cut out long jump

Various bigboi web w/Vups

Head to COT – BAM on time.


Good work all around on the collective heckling by the crowd!!!  Your voices were heard……and ignored…

We may need to plant some new rocks at the rock pile…selection was rather thin towards the end of the line.  Plus with the temperatures dropping who doesn’t want to grab onto a frozen rock for 45 minutes.

Man this group keeps growing some new faces (to me) such as Menudo, Passport an Hang up – well done.

Congrats to Rockwell for joining the “Respect” Club.

Announcements: CPR this evening, Thanksgiving run fundraiser – see chicken

Passport – go collect some stamps (no need to leave a stamp at each site (Bottlecap leaving a pecker dragger stamp today).

Be safe all..


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