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Do you mind if we both mount you?

PRAYER REQUEST:  Tanyatine shared in COT that his brother Kevin has been battling colon cancer for a number of years.  He just recently found another growth is going back in for a PET scan.  Please pray for healing, peace, comfort, strength, and that he would see God moving and working through this entire ordeal. 

Bushwood is a great spot offering lots of different courses.  The staff is always friendly.  Great to roll up and see a large crowd and even some guys with their passports in hand ready for stamping . . . Not so fast.


  • DCCS and we were off to the usual neighborhood
  • Some exercises including Samoan fire dance (an ode to Site Q Fiji)


  • We took the cart path to the members only par 3 course on the south side of the property
  • Partner up and go opposite directions
  • 9 Derkins on your partner’s back
  • Repeat with 9 Derkins and 9 knee slaps


  • Find the uphill Par 3 to do 9’s
  • 9 T-Tap merkins on the green
  • 9 In and Outs on the tee box
  • Play this hole 9 times dropping a stroke each time


  • Big Ben and Rudy were YHC’s partners . . . “Not the threesome I imagined” said Big Ben but he did ask if both him and Rudy could mount me during the partner work . . . #NoThanks
  • Happy Birthday to Noonan . . . Who didn’t know it was his birthday until he got to the parking lot
  • Good push from La Fonda today . . . Never giving up on the hills
  • Kudos to Gerber for adhering to the strict dress code . . . Sleeveless collared shirt . . . Chilly
  • Great to see Brexit taking his golf cart the full 12 minutes from his house to earn the passport stamp
    • Let’s return the favor and head to his site, Arsenal . . . Thursday at 0530 at Indian Land Elementary
  • Surprised to see Big Tuna playing solo . . . Apparently Chipotle isn’t a golfer
  • Thanks to Mayhew for giving his 6th man speech today . . . The first F is important but the push should be for each of us to get more involved in the other 2 F’s
    • He also had an announcement to start thinking/praying about a service project he is putting together in January in eastern NC


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