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Deep Thoughts Before Dinner

DISCC given

Warm Up

Mosey up hill to field, circle up for: Imperial Walker, Mountain Climber, SSH, Merkin, Plank, Stretching from plank: one foot forward, elbow down pause, arm up for thorasic twist, flapjack, up to Cossack squat down, up to Sun Worshiper, back down to Cossack squat 5reps, flapjack.

The Thang

Mosey 1 lap around the field. Circle up.

Fire Drill
PAX does high knees until someone yells “Fire”, everyone drops, roll left, merkin, roll right, merkin, back on feet continue high knees. Continue until all PAX have called “Fire”. Swap exercise as called out by PAX: butt kicker, sister mary katherine, etc. One round, well warmed up.

Sister Mary + Mike Tyson
Mosey down hill, line up at curb: 10 Mike Tyson’s, run up hill 10 sister mary katherine, run back to curb, repeat for 3 rounds. Mosey to rock pile.

Rocky Road
Travel road to top of the hill, at each light pole alternate 10 Over Head Press & 10 Bent over row. Flutter press at top until 6 catches up (nice audible by Midriff). Return home, same deal, but 10 Bent over rows & 10 tricep extension. Audible called for some Mary because we haven’t worked much abs (did I suggest we were done?), roll with it, flutter press, big boy, etc. Return the rocks. Mosey to playground

The Real Ab Work
Grab bar to hang from, and OYO 10 toes to bar (or knees to chest), 10 jump squats. Two rounds and we’re feeling it & short on time. Mosey to the COT.


Lead by the 2.0s: Rock: Big Boys, Johnny5: Freddie Mercury, T1000: flutter (at hummingbird pace).

Asked High Hat for 10 count, but not satisfied we’re done he wants to do it in low plank position. Finishing strong.


Prayers for Mic Drop and his speedy quarantine and recovery. Get the word out for this AO every time you post, it is 2.0 friendly chance for Dads & Kids to have some fun together (or at least be miserable together while getting better – lead by example). Apologies if I forgot anything else.


Not that we’re always this deep, but here’s a taste of what we sampled at  The Appetizer 😉

In the next few months, or if you’re very pessimistic (Dr Fauci), a year from now, the worst of Covid will be behind us. One way or another, we’ll go back to normal.

Not to get all political, but IMHO, it’s simply is not the government’s job to decide how many people can come over for Thanksgiving, or any day, ever. Seriously.  I mean OMFG are you freaking kidding me, seriously.  Considering all we have accepted in the name of fighting covid, we’re crossing lines that should not be allowed – in the name of safety.

If this is OK, why shouldn’t our leaders use the exact same reasoning to address an endless list of threats to our safety and require more actions and compliance while promising more protections and payouts?

If you haven’t heard of the Great Barrington Declaration look it up, it’s not conspiracy garbage, just a few dozen of the world’s famous epidemiologists suggesting we’re past the point of diminishing returns with these lock downs and protecting everyone from everything.


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