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9 is the magic number on a foggy Monday morning

18 (counted at Number-ama) or 19 (counted at Name-O-Rama) PAX started the Turkey week with the best intention to burn these additional calories before they even had them! An unknown number did the MASH-workout and likewise, an unknown number braved my VQ workout! It was all about getting prepared for my daughter’s birthday – more to come…



Being German, I started the workout a few seconds before 5:15am and moseyed along the street, past the CVS and circled up at the small parking lot which feels more like a dark, dirty backyard. Sugar Daddy took a shortcut from the starting point, as he still needs to learn how to set an alarm, but made it just in time to participate in the warm-up circle. 18 of each: side-straddle hops, imperial walkers, Moroccan night clubs, plank jacks and then a little bit of stretching. After that, we made an Indian Run past Target to the top of the small hill into the neighborhood. Chastain was already trying to Q-jack and suggested to build in some burpees… If he would have known, what was up my sleeve… On the way, we picked-up Posse, who should talk to Sugar Daddy about learning on how to set the Alarm (Actually, maybe they should talk to somebody else to get some good input).


The Thang

As it is my daughter’s ninth birthday, we did a “9” instead of a “7”. Starting on top of the hill, we did these things where nobody knows the name for (stationary lunge-jumps – suggestions are welcome!) and did speed skaters at the bottom of the hill. Of course, always 2-for-1, as it would be boring otherwise.

Taking a left we kept the group together with another Indian Run to the cul-de-sac, which was the starting point for our next set of pain. There are 9 lamp posts on the way to the other cul-de-sac and we alternated 3 different exercises (and of course: 9 reps of each): dry dogs, big boys and burpees (here you go, Chastain).

And again an Indian Run back to the starting point, for another visit of 9 lamp posts with 9 reps. This time: bobby hurlies, LBC´s and monkey hoppers.

As everybody did a great job with picking up the 6, we stayed together with another Indian Run to the Pet-supply shop where we started a 4-corner-each-corner-9-reps-deconstructed-burpee: in´s-and-out´s, merkins, jump squats and the full burpees.

As we still had a few seconds to spare, we finished off with 18 donkey kicks against the pet-supply-shop (haha) and went back to COT.



Apart from learning to set the alarms to the right time there was not much to report. There was little or no b******* and moaning throughout the workout – either the burpees killed everyone or everybody was mentally eating a turkey already or it is just the great support everybody shows for a VQ!

Thank you everyone – I had a great time being a VQ!


  • Chastain talked about the 2020 Passport Challenge. He used all his words for the day… in short: sign-up, try different AO´s or do 2nd and 3rd F´s and beat Area 51 and SOB!
  • Shop Dawg mixed up the days during the Christ Closet Announcement: Mondays (6-7pm), Thursdays (6-8pm) and Saturdays (9am-12pm). Get out with your M and 2.0´s and do something good for the community!
  • Fusebox invited to the Q-source right after the workout. Topic: Faylure (sorry: failure!)
  • Asylum needs a Q for next week. Then, Hanson has his VQ the week after.
  • Sugar Daddy’s VQ is coming up next Monday at Flash – support him!
  • Posse would like to participate in the Waxhaw parade (floats stay still, people are driving by), but needs somebody else to step up and lead this. Suggestion was that MASHERs are doing a 2-hour workout with people popping in as desired, with a nice F3 pop-up banner.


Thank you Shop Dawg for taking us out today!

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