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Bobby Knight Melt Down

15 for a brisk morning round at the country club of Bushwood— or Buschwood makes a bit of sense too.

I had a plan to stay on campus because a) I’m not that familiar with the neighborhood, and 2)I forgot my headlamp.  So a quick drive-by pre run to see what shape the course was in – some parking lots out of play so had to meander around.  Any who..

Warmup – 2 lap mosey around the parking lot circle – SSH, Damascus stretch, LSS, Mnt clmber, knee slaps

The Thang – head to the main lot – escort by course ranger Fiji and his new light up hat (BTW it’s washable- big selling point).

The 4 floor escalator

floor 1 (light pole) do 10 T-Merkins – run out and around flag pole and back

floor 2 (light pole) do 10 T-Merkins  and 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins (2 is 1)- run out and around flag pole and back

floor 3 (light pole) do 10 T-Merkins , 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins (2 is 1) and 20 Knee Slaps- run out and around flag pole and back

floor 4 (light pole) do 10 T-Merkins , 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins (2 is 1),20 Knee Slaps and 25 Bobby Hurley’s – run out and around flag pole and back

The elevator is a good one to slow down the Gazelle’s just a tad – if you get a “Good Night” from someone on this you feel like you got your money’s worth.

Suicide Line Touches or Angry Bobby Knights- 1 minute timer to hit prescribed number of line touches – pick a teammate.  For every line touch you don’t get to = 1 burpee penalty.  Add your teammate’s penalty and both do that # of burpee penalties.

Many rounds per covered with many penalties.

14’s/14’s/13’s/13’s/12’s/12’s/11/11 in between we worked on an AbWebb of Big Boi and V-ups

lots of smack talk between the Tar Heel and Seminole Alumni

Mosey back to clubhouse – stop at the wall for some Mike Tyson/Jump Squat work – 6 reps/5 reps/4 reps

Mosey to finish – some various abs to finish off the workout.

Glad to take a road trip for this site  and great bunch of PAX; you’ll get some runners – but this site is F3 Boot Camp – try to get close to 2.75-3miles in with various pain sections.  next time we will explore the field/playground and track.

2 new faces for me – Doogie and Fallout – some young bucks who were working

Smuggler, bottlecap and centerfold were pacing fast on right side of the court

I heard Big Tuna in the mix.  War Eagle sounds fast.  Noonan help set the pace for me and sorry about the penalty burpees you had to do on my account.

Sightings of Fiji, Das Boot, Strawberry, Fuse, premature and deep dish pressing hard


Announcements – See Centerfold for Rice And Beans assistance.  We now move into the field and assist with feeding the homeless.  Several Wed. in December – need 20 slots.

Various turkey trots – see chicken little for fund raiser

Prayers up for several Pax and their families.




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