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Turning Laps Tuesday

21 pax braved nearly freezing temps this morning to turn a few laps at Watchtower. Despite the cooler temps the spirits seemed good this morning as many discussed upcoming Thanksgiving plans. Went over DICCS and we began


moseyed over to the bus parking lot on the other side of the school. We did 15 Side straddle hops, 15 imperial walkers, Jimmy Dougan’s – center left and right, calf stretches, downward dog, upward dog and Merkins.


Turning Laps

I marked off 10 light poles around the outer road of the parking lot. We did 11’s of Dry Docks and Big Boy sit-ups. We ran around the entire parking lot to light pole number 10 did 10 drydocks, then back tracked to light pole number 1 and did 1 Big boy situp. Then we ran back around the parking lot to light pole number 9 and did 9 Dry docks then back to Pole 1 for 2 Big Boys. We repeated this until we got to 1 Dry dock and 10 big boys. The guys seemed like they were going to mutiny by the time we finished this exercise but everyone finished and seemed to feel good about it.

The Pit Stop

Next we went to the parking lot in front of the main entrance. We each lined up on one line of a parking space. We began a Webb of Merkins and LBC’s, however before each Merkin we would do a sideways alligator walk (plank position move sideways) from one side of the parking space to the other side of the parking space and then return to the first side the do our Merkins and LBC’s. We continued that until we got to 5 Merkins and 20 LBC’s. (I called this the pit stop because it’s like we are crawling under the car and rolling over to check what’s going on under the car)

The Chase

Everyone partnered up with a partner of equal skill. Partner A did 20 squats while partner B starts to runs backwards. When partner A is done with squats he runs to catch partner B. When he catches partner B then Partner B does 20 Squats while A runs backwards. We realized that 20 squats put a lot of distance between the 2 partners and made is really hard to sprint to catch up to the other partner, so we called an audible and changed it to only 10 squats.

After the Chase we only had about 3 minutes left, so we headed over to the COT and continued The Pit Stop webb. We made it up to 7 merkins and 28 LBC’s before time was up.


Over all I felt it was a good workout and seemed to be received well by all the Pax. The first part of the workout ate up a lot of time, but we did get over 3 miles of running in, with it being Thanksgiving week, I think the extra running was appreciated. We had an FNG – Welcome to Sheldon! and a couple of announcements of Thanksgiving day activities include something called the F3 Gobbler -(clear your browser history after looking that up) and the Briarcrest 5K & 10K. Check the F3 News channel for details.

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