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Full Table at the Appetizer

DISCC given

Warm Up

Short mosey up semi-slippery hill to field (when is that thing going to dry out so we can use it!), circle up for some: SSH, LSS, MC, Merkins, and plank into stretch (one foot forward, arm up to sky, pause, back to plank, flapjack)

The Thang

Mosey 1 lap around the field. Circle up deja vu where we just warmed up.

Fire Drill:  PAX does exercise for random time/reps, then yells “Fire” at which time everyone drops, rolls left, 1 merkin, rolls right, 1 merkin, back on feet and continue on to next PAX.  Finish when all PAX have called “Fire”, included: SSH, big boys, American knockout, imperial walker, merkin, flutter, arm raises, Moroccan night club.

Mosey back to parking lot, for round of BLIMPS (5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 IW, 20 merkin, 25 plank jack, 30 squat).

Mosey to track for T1000 lead round of partner work with P1 doing bear crawl around track while P2 runs a lap and relieve’s P1 when caught up, swap and continue.  That was harder than expected.

Mosey to the rocks for 3 rounds of thrusters, curls & tricep-extn, in reps from 15, 10, 5.

Mosey to COT for 5 MoM, with PAX taking turns for variety of H2H, big boys, Freddie mercury, and some weird laying-on-your-side thing Wrigley made up finished with a plank to put a bow on it.


(something Wrigley said while I ran to my car for my phone – need to make that more accessible in the future).


Your choices for morning posting are abundant, but the evenings are at the other extreme. The Appetizer’s specialty is adding an extra option to your beatdown menu.  Today we served a record number of PAX and 2.0s and I hope it was a good taste for all.

Elsa visited from Pineville with his 5yo FNG who was christened Strong Guy due to an affinity for Marvel and superheroes in general. Despite his initial apprehension getting out of the car he had no issue keeping up and settled right in. Welome, passport stamped.

Dwight and Watson keep showing up and getting in their work.  This was their first non-convergence post so they’re regulars now. Leading by example Dwight, fist-pump.

Twinkle Toes and Lefty made it look easy as did Wrigley and Double-Dribble (the Appetizer is the little brother to Clyent Dinner, hoping to follow those steps lead by Wrigley and those before).  Chopper snuck in a couple minutes late but continues to set the bar super high as a double-R HIM, leading us all by example (but what if I can’t keep up with him now, ugh).

And at the other end, while T1000 used to complain with every burpee, now he’s leaving every beat down saying that wasn’t bad, or even, that was fun. He’s laying a solid foundation of strength, and will be leaving me in the dust very soon. Best of all, I’m pumped that HE sees the fruits of this labor. When you’re focused on the effort, progress comes so slowly it isn’t visible.  But that’s because most of the real progress isn’t visible, that’s for both the physical and mental progress. There is a foundation that is easy to overlook, but it is critical and is built with patience and discipline, it is real and will serve him a life time.

Next week High Hat will be taking the lead, originally slated for this evening, but apparently Rock’s birthday takes priority over posting.  Yep, he choose a birthday party over bear crawls and thrusters.  No problem, live and let live, right?  Or in this case, live and… let them eat cake.   I’m hoping for an extra serving of birthday burpees next week.

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