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Touring the Farm and Finding Bourbon

21 PAX including an FNG were not discouraged by the report of rain and gathered in the gloom for the 4th Annual Turkey Jam. At 6:30am, after a disclaimer that would make Mermaid and Bottlecap proud, we launched from the Improper Pig. After a short mosey, we found ourself in the parking lot between Harris Teeter and a dance studio for the:


SSH x15, 10 merkins OYO, IW x 15, 10 diamond merkins OYO, LBC x 15. Split the PAX in half with Chopper stepping in to lead one group. Each group would perform the same exercises but at a socially acceptable distance within eye sight of each other. (War Eagle is happy)  Mosey to the parking lot near the post office, one group gathered in front of The Wok the other group wandered a little father down, close to the new Atrium emergency room for:


Two (2) rounds of 4 Corners. 10x at each corner. Merkins, diamond merkins, wide arm merkins and crucible merkins. Plank and mary waiting on the 6.

Mosey across Providence Rd to the parking lot between Starbuck and Whole Foods. Plenty of room for everyone to spread out the width of the parking lot and face Alta for the next called exercises.

Two (2) rounds of modified Beast. First round: Bobby Hurley Squats, Second Round: burpees. Plank and mary waiting on the 6.

Mosey trough the parking lot to the sitting area across from the hotel. Plenty of room for the PAX to separate and grab a chair for arm work.

Curls x 15, Tricep Extension x 15, and Shoulder Press x 15.

Find a spot on a wall for split leg squats, two (2) rounds 15 x on each leg and a set of incline merkins x 15.

Grab the chair again for Triple Lindy x 20.

Place the chairs back where we fond them and mosey to the parking deck. Divide into groups to the top and perform the called exercise on the way up. One group begins to run up the deck, 10 merkins at each level. The second group stays at the bottom of the deck doing mary and waiting for the first group to clear the 1st level. After reaching the top, pick a stairwell and the return to the start. The weinke called for mary while waiting for all PAX to return, but Elsa thought we would enjoy wall sits, so that is what we did.

Mosey back across Providence Rd to The Green Monster. Gather by the Christmas Tree for some broga  (pigeon, frog and lunge) and finish up with nearly two minutes worth of elbow plank courtesy of Bunker.

COT:  Name the FNG (Stuffing), each PAX expressed at least one thing they were grateful/thankful for and takeout by Middrift.


We found ourself at Rea Farms again and the site did not disappoint. It may become the permanent home of Turkey Jam. This year we took it up a notch. Christmas Tree was decorated and lit, Christmas music closed us out and Trickle was giving away Bourbon. (Sweetwater and Prohibition hope you are taking notes).

Enron and Tuck led the secret, unannounced, and exclusive pre-run with Kirby making an ill-advised decision to join them near its conclusion.

Bunker’s bootcamp gloves made their annual appearance, while Fraiser seemed disorientated when asked to call an exercise that did not include running.

Turkey Leg and Tuck enjoyed being out in front and sharing stories about their 20 kids and how they feed them all.

Chopper was not the oldest PAX in attendance.

Elsa was crushing it this morning, thanks for the wall sit idea.

Teddy prefers sitting on a wall instead of using it for split squats.

Great to post with my old friend Floor Slapper, who showed up on time.

Midriff was so thankful for the mild weather that he displayed his gratitude by removing his shirt for all the onlookers.

Coffeteria followed with a number of PAX grabbing Starbucks and enjoying some fellowship.

Big thanks to Chopper for his friendship and scouting out the Q with me Wednesday morning.

It is an honor to lead such a great group of men.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!!!

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