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Turkey Hangover Potion

19 souls gathered to work off the over indulgence from yesterday’s Thanksgiving Feast.  If you happen to re-enact Henry VIII at these settings like I do, today was going to suck even worse.  Here’s what we did:

WarmUp – 1/2 Mile opening Mosey past High School to parking lot by the football stadium.  20 SSH, Jimmy Dugan’s, Calf Stretch, Runners stretch, downward dog, upward dog.

The Thang  Mosey to the High School Gym entrance.  Grab some wall.  40 Donkey Kicks / 10 Mike Tyson’s.  Run down to the road, up the stairs, grab that same piece of wall.  36 Donkey Kicks/9 Mike Tysons, rinse and repeat down to the completion of 24 Donkey Kicks/6 Mike Tysons.

Mosey to YHC’s Poop Palace.  Starting at the palace run up the path to the first lamp post on the right.  5 Big Boy’s.  Run back to palace, 5 Merkins.  Run to second lamp post, 5 Big Boys, run back to the palace for 5 Merkins.  Run to the 3rd lamp post, etc., etc.  After the 6/7/8th post for most, we gathered the pax and ran up the path to the Middle School.  Grab some Wall.  Continuation of web.  20 Donkey Kicks, 5 Mike Tysons.  16 Donkey Kicks, 4 Mike Tysons.  One Minute Left – hot mosey back to COT.


Not a lot of chatter today, lots of barbs thrown at me for starting with the Donkey Kicks and MT’s.  Not a whole lot of chatter while running the path by the palace.  A decent amount of mileage today, I registered just shy of 3 miles, others in the group registered 3.5 miles.

Welcome FNG – Mackinaw – From the UP and works on bridges.

Welcome FNG – Sea Sick – At the end of the workout he was splashing some Merlot and is about to join the Coast Guard, thought it was a fitting name.  Brought out by Wedding Singer!  Wait, what, I thought this cat now resides in the Rocky Mountains.  He and his tribe came back east for the holiday, great to see you again brother!

Chicken Little – estimates $1,600 raised by the Turkey Trot 5K he lead – money will go to support a cancer survivor and cancer research, great job leading CL!

Tomorrow – Homecoming 1 Year Anniversary – Chatterbox on Q.  If this guy’s transformation from the 6 to the front of the pax doesn’t inspire you, you are likely a schmuck.  He’s gonna bring it tomorrow.

YHC took us out.



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