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Done-Finished-Completed-Accomplished-Over-In the Books!!

I always feel great when a workout is over!  The same was especially true today for my “VQ.”   It is nice having it ” in the books.” I wanted to do a good job for the PAX. I want to thank all the PAX for coming out to support me and all the kind words of encouragement. It was nice being a 50 year old virgin this morning– as a few of the PAX called me today!

Warmup:  After the Disclaimers (of course)

  • Just the Basics—Short Mosey, SSH, Morrocan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Planks, Calf Stretch, Glidah Stretch, Jimmy Dugans—and we are off…….(Rain is still holding off)



  • I really like the You vs You concept I have learned about since joining F3. So, I tried to incorporate that concept into the workout today so that everyone got as much out of it as they wanted and needed today,
  • Small Loop–Ran around the round abouts—doing 10 Merkins at the first—10 Squats at the second. You vs. You—Do as many as possible within timeframe.
  • Headed over to Football Parking lot doing some basketball slides along the way.
  • Pick a parking spot line (good for social distancing) and bear crawl forward to the end and run backwards back to the curb….go as hard as you can. You vs You until time called.
  • Big Loop: This was the loop we did on Halloween—when back at the lightpole do Burpees and LBC’s rinse and repeat until time called. You vs You—-awesome effort by everyone.
  • Back to parking spot–Mosey to end of parking lot then as fast as you can back to beginning. Great job all were pushing. One more time— only half way this time. Pax are winded and working hard right now!
  • Slow Mosey to Rudy’s shed to finish up—Shoulder presses and donkey kicks.
  • Then lets finish STRONG- 3 burpees at the first 3 lightpoles then Jaibreak Home.



  • Honored to be able to lead this group of Men this morning. Thought it was going to be raining and nasty but we got lucky.
  • You vs You—Too many PAX to name today but everyone was working hard and pushing themselves…I was impressed with the work ethic today. Thanks for putting in the work.
  • Special thanks to Rockwell for EHing me and then inviting me for my VQ at Flash—(Flash was my first workout site —and I will always remember Chicken Little for making it so welcoming. First Impressions last and he made it great for me. I hope I can do the same for other FNG’s.
  • I’m honored to be part of F3 Waxhaw….great group of guys.
  • Big group at Cutty today with Ignition and Mashers also here.
  • Welcome FNG—Prison Break—brought out by Transporter.
  • 6th man —Das Boot—-Got his name because he was in a walking boot at his first F3 workout. He was EH’d by Dark Helmut



  • Service Opportunity—Mayhem will be leading a group of volunteers out of town  (Jan 26-Feb 2nd) to work on homes for those still struggling from Hurricane Florence. See Mayhem for details.
  • Congrats to Smithers on the birth of his daughter Quinn.

YHC tooks us out.



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