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Less is Better

So, a few days ago, Hollywood sent me a DM to Q sometime in January. Turns out they actually needed Q’s for the next 2 weeks (including today) so I happily obliged and in hind sight, “What the heck was I thinking?”

With a quick consult from Sugar Daddy on where he would be heading on his VQ and not to disturb and make it even more challenging for him, I developed a Weinke that avoided (mostly) the Flash PAX.

Stabling these (Freaks) Gazelles in F3 Waxhaw is difficult to do. I came up with a strategy to keep them in the coral but it only worked for a few minutes and then they were gone in a cloud of (rain) dust.

Mosey to Crazy Pajama Dude Island and U turn back to the Yellow Brick Rd. for Paula Abduls using light posts on left of the path, up 2 and do 10 X Merkins, back 1 and do 10 X Plank Jacks.
Circle up at RPP and do some stretching for a few minutes until Flash PAX roll in and then…

Find a lifting/running rock (insert evil laugh here) and mosey to sidewalk near Gym for a few rounds of partner work.
P1 does lifting AMRAP with proper form while P2 runs to top and performs exercise and returns to relieve P1, R/R.
Round 1: Curls/Donkey Kicks X 2 Rounds
Round 2: Rows/Mike Tysons X 2 Rounds
Round 3: Shoulder Press/Mike Tysons X 2 Rounds

Return Rocks and Mosey to HS Entrance the long way cutting between the schools and then around the front drive.
Round 1: Starting at Island, run to gate at Stadium and do Speed Skaters X 10 each leg and return to Island for “I’ll let you know” BBSU X 10
Round 2: Speed Skater/(Something awful I can’t remember)
Round 3: Speed Skaters/Reverse Plank Knee Up

7 minutes left so we start our mosey back to COT around the front drive and then taking a detour into MS entrance and around the lot before we end at COT.

Al Gore for 30 seconds and Time!

Didn’t get the typical 5-6 miles today (4.5 or so). This is ultimately a high-mileage-bootcamp, not runner training so we mixed it up a bit from the “norm”. I hope everyone got what they came for.

Great pull by the Gazelles and great push by the rest of us.

Hurry leading the way on pretty much everything. Dude is fast!
Chatterbox posted to his first Ignition and man did he come to work. Glad to see you break through the barrier that was keeping you away. Keep getting faster!
FNG – Prison Break joined us today, 23 Years old and just graduated from UNCC on ROTC scholarship. Now it’s time to pay the piper and he’s getting in shape for Army OCS. Good luck and thank you for serving this great country of ours. Keep bringing that youthful attitude and thanks for making Ice9 Dry-heave for us today! Thanks also to Transporter for bringing him out with us.

Announcements: See Flash BB
Sugar Daddy took us out

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