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If no one shows do I still have to Q

The temperature gauge read 24 degrees.

The clock read 5:23.

The parking lot at Dromedary was empty but for my own sorry self wondering if anyone else would post. Going back to bed DID sound nice as I looked at the frost covered mulch in the median next to my parking space. Then again, I already drove a million miles to the BFE that is Dromedary.

“Does anyone even live out here?”
“Who decided to put an AO out here anyways?”
“How did I agree to Q way out here on the coldest day of the year so far?”
“Why didn’t I make Premature agree to Q Diesel in exchange?”

These are the thoughts that made their way through my still half asleep brain.

The clock now read 5:24.

Headlights come into view. Aha! A reason to stay. A reason to justify my being here. A reason to…dammit it’s Ice9. There had better be some other PAX showing up…

A few more cars roll in but by the time everyone forced themselves out into the cold it was time for DiCCS. Too late to escape the cold and retreat to the warmth of the fartsack.

The clock read 5:30. Let’s mosey.


A long mosey around the lot with a smattering of SSHs, Imperial Squalkers (a portmanteau of Walker and Squat; NOT Squawker as Ice9 griped wasn’t manly enough of a name), Moroccan Night Clubs, Calf Stretches, and Mountain Climbers.

Centerfold got there early (for him) and we picked him up along the way. Made a slight detour and grabbed Shake N Bake to round out the group to an even 8 idiots suckers PAX. Too bad I had no partner work planned. I always seem to get odd numbers when I do that…

The Thang

Jailbreak from the end of the lot towards the crest of the hill, crossing the median at the break, then alternate 5 Merkins, 5 Bomb Jacks, and 5 Big Bois at each tree for a total of 15 of each exercise on the way back down the hill. Repeato.

Mosey our way over to the lot next to the school for a little 4 Corners action where we deconstructed a Burpee. Or maybe it was 10 Burpees. 10 Squats, 10 In and Outs, 10 Merkins, and 10 Bobby Hurleys, but we do them all in cadence.

Another little mosey around the west side of the school to the first alcove. I’ve been on a bit of a Donkey Kick kick (c wut i did ther) recently, so we did some 7s. Donkey Kicks at the first alcove, a quick jaunt to the second alcove, and Speed Skaters (always 2=1) over thataway.

Back to the front lot for more 4 Corners of togetherness, only this time we did 10 Dry Docks, 10 Jump Squats, 10 Diamond Merkins, and 10 Walking Lunges (always, always 2=1). Again, in cadence because I said so.

Now we move over to the big lot and find your own little happy place along the curb.

  • 10 American Hammers IC – Sprint to the first set of parking spaces and back
  • 10 American Hammers IC, 10 LBCs IC – Sprint to the second set of parking spaces and back
  • 10 American Hammers IC, 10 LBCs IC, 10 Big Bois (on my up) – Sprint to the third set of parking spaces and back
  • 10 American Hammers IC, 10 LBCs IC, 10 Big Bois (on my up), 10 American Knockouts IC – Sprint to the far curb and back

This group is fast. Faster than I thought (hoped) so we have more time left than I thought (hoped) so we did a little repeato on the tree Merkins/Bomb Jacks/Big Bois from earlier.

A few minutes remaining so 5 Bobby Hurleys at every other tree back to COT. Audible at the top of the hill! 10 Dry Docks on the way down.

Grab some curb for some Dips IC and then some Mike Tysons IC.

The clock read 6:15.


I like to Q. According to Deflated’s fancy-pants website I’ve done so 36 (this’ll be 37) times this year. Some are easier. Some are tougher. Some are inventive. Some are boring. People (me included) have ribbed Zinfandel about advertising “for my xth Q” but honestly I think it’s great he’s talking about it. It’s great to have goals. It’s great to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone. It’s great to LEAD. After all, that’s a core principle of F3. It’s peer led. Recently we’ve had several vQs and that’s awesome. I missed one today at Chiseled where I’m sure Ex-LAX did a killer job. Sugar Daddy and Schnitzel were in attendance at Dromedary today and just had their vQs; both of which I attended and both of which were excellent. I guarantee it won’t be their last Qs either. If you’re reading this and you’ve never led a workout then it’s time you did. You’re ready. Talk to a Site Q. Talk to me. You won’t be on your own. We’ll help you build it, help you through it, and help you improve it for the next time.


Rice and Beans – Helping serve meals on Wednesdays uptown – Today’s filled up, but there are openings for 12/9 and 12/16. Talk to Centerfold to sign up. M and 2.0 friendly

Painting project – You may recall the mother and kids who’s husband/father recently left and took all their things (furniture, food, everything). We’re showing them that people care and have a painting day this Saturday following morning workouts to get their house looking nice. Only a couple guys signed up right now and could use a few more. See Shop Dawg for details and to sign up.


YHC took us out

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