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3 X 1000

DICCS given.

The plan is to run 3 miles while executing 1000 exercise reps.  I stole borrowed this from Fuse Box from Blackhawk in April sometime. As this was my first Saturday (60 minute) Q, I wanted to ensure its validity.  I learned the hard way when asking a fellow Q-Site coordinator to Q my site, it comes with a, “sure, if you Q mine.”

The Warm Up and The Thang all run together.  Warm up, stretching, exercises, stretching…

Having only posted Homecoming once, I wanted to ensure I knew the layout so I drove to the school at lunch Wednesday.  I drove around the school multiple times to fully map our my plan.  Did you know there is an officer in car securing the school during school days?   I guess he didn’t like the older model all white car canvasing the school and escorted me off the campus.   It was funny.

Technically the Warm Up – Mosey for a bit – 26 SSH, 24 Emp Walk, Calf Stretch.  26 Plank Jacks, 24 Dolly Parton’s, Jimmy Dugans.  (100)

Get After It:

  • Run around the .30 mile loop stopping 5 times – 10 merkins and big boys each at each stop.  X2 with extra running in between. (200)
  • Run around 1st parking lot then execute a 4 corner – 25 Mnt Clmbrs, Flutters, Mnt Clmbrs, Flutters.  (100)
  • Pause and do more static stretching
  • Run to and around next parking lot then execute another 4 corner – 25 squats, dry docs, squats, dry docs.  (100)
  • Run around same parking lot and stop at the front of school – wall time – donkey kicks and LBC’s, 20, 15, 10, and 5.  (100)
  • Run a bit to a further gravel area, lot, …???  4 corners – 25 each – SSH, Air Presses, Mor NC, Punches  (100)
  • Run back down the road to entrance of school (the same .3 loop) – each end is a stopping point – repeat of Mnt Clm & Flutters (100)
  • Paus for Dynamic stretches
  • From here I was focused on time and completing the 3 miles and reps, so I decided to not waste more time by stopping and reading the winke, so I modified and led mostly running but stopped frequently for random exercises to ensure we completed 1000 and hit the 3 mile mark.

Shout out to Das Boot for keeping me honest with the time and the mileage.

Shout out to Damascus for showing up and getting after it even though he did not plan on coming out at all.

Then there’s Posse.  Thanks for talking the whole time and especially for wearing those Richard Simmons borrowed tights.  Gave the rest of us something to talk about…and really appreciate the leadership today.



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