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Put Me in Coach

DICCS given while I was rolling up in parking lot screaming out the truck window, since I was running a tad bit late–

Warm up– Mosey up towards school turn circle back to grab a few PAXS that were actually later than me…Continue Mosey to circle island down below near fields.

20 SSH–10 Low Slow Squats–10 Merkins in Cadence– upward dog– downward dog– can opener stretch and runners pose–Mosey down trail stopping before bridge for  Al Gore while 6 catches up- Mosey to Millbridge parkway and wait on 6 in plank position.

The Thang

Mosey up to first street on the left (Golden View) for CLEAR AS MUD directions- Follow the road around and around the cul-de sac and back up (June) to (Millbridge) and back to starting point. At each intersection and there are 7 do the follow exercise..

Intersection 1-20 – Speed Skaters- 1 Burpee-

Intersection 2- 20- Bonnie Blairs- 2- Burpee

Intersection 3-20- Jungle Boy Squats- 3 burpees

Intersection 4- 20 Speed Skaters- 4 burpees

Intersection 5- 20 Bonnie Blairs- 5 burpees

Intersection 6- 20 Jungle Boys – 6 burpees

Intersection 7- 7 Burpees and circle back for the 6

Rinse and Repeat this one more time but only running between (June rd )and (Golden View rd) not all the way around.

Mosey down hill to trail head back to Kenningston and when at bottom

20- Jungle Boys- 20 Bonnies Blair’s while the 6 comes in

Mosey to clubhouse parking lot for a Zinfandel favorite since it was his original Q–

Bear Crawl/Dry Dock- 4 bear crawls- 1 dry dock and work our way up to 40/10– yikes  we stopped at 28/7

Walk to other lot for a Doughboy Favorite ( dude is not affected in the least way by AB work).

1 Big Boy- 4 LBC or pistol LBCS depending on what I call– get to 10/40 as above- we stopped this at 28/7 also

Finish up Bear crawl/Dry Dock begin at 32/8 and get to our goal of 40-10-yikes.

Finish up our Big Boy/LBC – starting at 8/32 and getting to our goal of 10/40- yikes.

Mosey Back to COT

60 Speed Skaters/80 Bonnie Blair’s/80 Jungle Boys/56 burpees– LEG DAY BABY!!



As always, I love Qing this group of dudes and appreciate the opportunity as usual. Last night while driving home when I was SAFETY stopped at a stop sign and catching up on GroupMe I noticed a interesting post…. I noticed I had to step up help my boy Zinfandel out as he had the opportunity to take the wifey out on the town. Today we did a fast paced total body workout but I am sure most peoples legs will be screaming at them tomorrow. A few call outs from today

Deep Dish- Has graduated to the gazelle group- heck of a job brother. I would advise you to see ignition, swarm or pursuit groups soon– FYI though if they get wind you like to run they turn into bullies and yell at you and bully you into working out with them.. Heads up brother

Goodfella- always crushes it and then makes everyone feel better saying he is winded and sore– blah blah blah- we almost believed you.

Doughboy- WTF is the deal with your ABS– you were 2 cycles ahead of( I am the Darn Q) on every big boy– nice job man

Bread Boy- Has spread his scent at yet another site- SHOCKER

Banjo- glad you came out brother- good seeing you back out

Maddog- Nice ride brother- I thought I was following Zin this morning and I was getting a little nervous he was going to take my darn Q- Nice push as always brother.

Jwow- heck of a job and nice to see you back out after Popeye tried to kill us yesterday.

Centerfold- WOW- few months removed from surgery and back at it

Premature and SugarDaddy- fellows have been crushing it lately and logging some serious miles



Goodfella has some big news on a big project he has been working on for 3 years- I will not blast it here yet but AWESOMENESS.

Deep Dish- the 6th man. He would see Goodfella at flag football games and saw his F3 shirt and asked him about. he showed up at Dromedary the following Wednesday and it was on…. 35lbs down, running like a gazelle and been with us 15 months..

Lots of 2nd Fs today which everyone knows about- painting, moving furniture ect..

Next Saturday cross-country trails will be put in over at 5 stones if your free bring chainsaws, rakes, pruners, muscle- it will start around 8:30am. They will allow us to use them as well and we might even have access to Fuse Boxes bathroom if we need and if we can continue trails to Champion Forest.



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