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The Ramp

Weinke planning the night before and decided to pull out one from back in April when F3 shut down for bit. Used it for the WOD but never got the chance to personally inflict it on some unsuspecting PAX. Today was that day.

DiCCS provided then we moseyed towards the soccer fields and our ultimate destination: the pond loop.

A quick loop with a couple warmup exercises on the way was really just a chance to show the PAX the stations we’d be hitting along the way.

The Thang

The Ramp is, as the name implies, designed to start on the easier side and slowly increase the intensity. We started by doing the shorter loop and 10 reps each of Dry Docks, LBCs, and Squats. Repeato with 15 reps each.

Round 2 upgrades to the longer loop with 10 then 15 reps of Merkins, Big Bois, and Bobby Hurleys.

Round 3 is the longer outside loop and 10 then 15 reps of Mike Tysons, American Hammers, and Bomb Jacks.

Sensing the need for a bit of a reprieve we took a short break for some Mary, including Flutters, Box Cutters, and American Knockouts.

Back at it with the Final Round; a big figure eight with all reps done on the sidewalk between the ponds. For the finale we did Diamond Merkins, Jump Squats, and Burpees. 10 reps then 15.

With about 10ish minutes remaining I pulled out my handy dandy phone app with a random number generator. Setting it to dice mode I let the PAX choose the exercises as we made our way back to COT, stopping at various intersections to exercise. The PAX call cadence and the app chooses the total reps.

Back at COT we finished the remaining few minutes with some bear crawls, Lunges, broad jumps, and suicide runs.


Carb Load – Not only is he a Site Q for the Floater AND Blackhawk, but he’s constantly pushing me the whole time.

Rockwell – Apparently Rockwell showing up in Saturday is out of the norm (haha get it? You know, cause his name is Norm… Nevermind). You wouldn’t know it though cause he’s working hard and then went and ran the neighborhood 5k right after. Finally hit 50 but it isn’t slowing him down

Chatterbox – what a transformation! Started F3 back in July and now he’s leading 4+ mile Qs and running with Ignition. Way to go buddy!

Paper Jam – Moving down to Millbridge from SOB in the next month. It was good to meet him in person. Hopefully an announcement in the making. I’ll leave it at that as a teaser and provide details in the future

Chopper – Another SOB-land guy, Chopper was making the journey to get his Passport stamped. He’s currently in 2md place in the leaderboard and really racking up the unique AOs. If anyone is gonna catch Das Boot it’s him

YHC took us out

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