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Happy Hump Day!

Well,  Started the week off with a double Q for Wednesday morning and ended up with just one. Thankfully another PAX from F3 Waxhaw was planning his attendance for the week and noticed the over-extended YHC and made a point to call it out on social media so I could quickly and apologetically rectify the situation. Tragedy was thankfully avoided and everything is as it should be for the day.


Mosey to a spot on the west side of student lot and do 20 X SSH’s, mosey to cafeteria entrance of MS and do 15 X IW’s, Mosey around back of MS and stop in first parking lot for stretching.


Short mosey/walk over to a conveniently erected wall for MT/DK Webb from 1:4 up to 5:20 and pause for a few minutes to do 20 X Knee Slaps (at top) and 20 X BBSU’s (at bottom) while running around the MS Teacher’s lot. Back to MT/DK Webb and do from 6:24 up to 8:32 I was smoked at this point and was about to fall on my face so I ended the misery for myself and anyone else not quite feeling up to the task today.

Next we do Paula Abdul with 20 X Speed Skaters at secong light pole and back for 20 X Monkey Humpers at the 1st light pole and repeat until we reach the circle at the Globe. Second Paula Abdul called for the front drive but this time we did 5 X Mike Tysons and 10 X Dry Docks to the other end of the drive.

Mosey back to West side of student lot (1:00 Minute left) pair up with someone of like speed for a race to COT. By the time that was all figured out we had only 40 seconds left but we all made it in about 35 seconds with time to spare.


Moleskin: I tried and I failed today to make it through the awful and dreaded MT/DK Webb. Was stupid to even try and I felt like a failure to myself and to my fellow PAX with whom I was entrusted to lead for the day’s workout. HOWEVER, Nothing worth doing is ever easy and we all need to continue to build our strength to perform. Some day I will complete that stupid Jack Webb and I hope YOU are there with me.


1- Rice & Beans needs 3 more volunteers for 12/16 service crew. Sign up on sign-up Genius if you can make it.

2- After coffeeteria this Saturday there are three noble options for serving our community; Need assistance at Christ’s Closet to unload and pack donations and we need a crew for trail blazing work at Five Stones and finally, please assist Paper Jam with his move to “the land of the Waxhaws” this Saturday if you can.

3- If you know anyone in need of furniture, there is an abundance of it at Christ’s Closet. Reach out if you know someone in need.

4- Mayhem is leading a ministry group to help rebuild homes in Burgaw, NC that was hit hard by Hurricane two summers ago and is still reeling from the damage. He will be there January 26th – February 2nd so join him any of those dates that week. Any time you can spare between 1 day & 7 days is welcome. No previous construction skills required.

YHC took us out with a prayer

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