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Throne of Lies

DICCS Given- cell phone, cpr, modify as needed, social distancing where applicable

Warm up

Mosey over to Dream Chasers for

20- SSH

10- Potato Pickers

20- merkins

Calve Stretch , upward dog, downward dog, upward dog , downward dog, into the Glidah stretch .

Mosey down North Providence to the stop sign- Al Gore waiting on the 6- 10 bombs jacks OYO

Mosey up Blythe Mill rd to stop sign on Providence – Al Gore waiting on 6- 10 bomb jacks OYO

Mosey up Providence to BBT parking lot.

The Thang

Partner work- one partner running around BBT other partner doing the exercise-

200- LCS

150- Arms out Flutters

100- Pistol LBCS

50- Mike Tysons

together 5 burpees and 2 full laps

Mosey down Providence and cross road near Waxhaw Animal hospital and go to their parking lot for the Merkin Side

  • Plank position and move to the right 3 paces and complete 3 merkins then repeat on left side- Always slide 3 times and do 2 merkins , 1 merkin and then finish with 5 merkins.
  • Mosey to first light pole at bottom of north church street looking up hill towards laundry mat.
  • Mosey up hill and at each light on left do 10 bomb jacks and 1 burpee up to laundry mat but increase burpees by 1 each
  • Leave Laundry mat at at each stop sign take a left until your back at COT and complete 10 arm hammers, 5 big boys and 10 merkins.


Great group today and as always I appreciate the opportunity to lead. It seemed bringing back partner work might not have been the best idea as I spent most of my time explaining what 2 is 1 means on counting and reminding everyone what’s next. The PAXS pushed hard today even though the Q straight out lied to them– “We will not be crossing any major roads today– Providence road 2 times and Howie Mine once”– Sorry fellows..

After the workout I had a great conversation with Damascus about our group. Guys lets not take for granted what we have and who we have in our WAXHAW region, which is a great group of leaders/men in our community. I  have traveled to a few different locations as many of you have and I truly feel we have something special here — the banter, the 2nd and 3rd F’s, the jokes, pushing each other, and just the overall group we have. Lets continue to challenge each other and ourselves to make this region shine– step out of your comfort zone, it is more than the workout

Few call outs

Shake n Bake–  running 30-45 seconds behind at the start —about gave me a darn heart attack when he pulled a Hartsville and cut off a corner and came running through the alley way.. Lesson Lil Boo Peep must have showed him.

Great seeing Banjo and Damascus back out.

Gazelles as usual- Bottlecap, Glidah, Chastian, Transporter,  Dasher where crushing it but they have a two new additions Sugar Daddy and Carb Load.. boys were killing it today

Zinfandel seemed a little extra grumpy today — calling peeps out on poor counting during partner work, called the Q out for his Goodfella style burpees, and continued to harass the Q for stating we would not be crossing any major roads — It is official we have a new POWER COUPLE– A LAWSONITE AND BRIARCRESTIAN have finally joined swords.

Schneider, Shake n Bake, Recalculating and Maddog as always crushing with no questions.

Deflated and Foundation -always a pleasure when the 2/3’s of the only 3 man power couples  shows up- guess SMITHERS drew the short straw and had to stay home on baby duty.


9am- 5 stones this Saturday for cross-country trail cleaning- bring chainsaw, blowers, loppers ( who says loppers??) , metal racks — FYI only gas powered chainsaw and blowers are approved by Bottlecap and he is the one who continually says LOPPERS

Next Saturday- Downtown clean up project stay tuned

6th man- Deflated– brought out by Foundation and Moneyball and has lost 70 lbs since then. Got his name from Damascus since he is from Boston area

Christ Closet has furniture that needs piking up

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