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A chicken and a Flock

DICCS Given – CPR, Social Distance, Modify as needed, Cell Phone, and Watch for cars

Warm up

Down trail to shed and circle up

20- SSH

15- Imperial Walkers

Jimmy Dugan walk out to a plank

15- Merkins

can open stretch into the runners pose/glidah special



The Thang

starting at shed back to COT every light complete—

A Mike Tyson and a Bonnie Blair ( two full Bonnie Blairs equal 1)- increase by one each light- that sucked.

turn around once the 6 is in for more fun with light poles

up 2 and back 1 – on the up complete 5 dry docks and on the back complete 5 jump squats

Circle up when done and wait on 6 while doing some goo =d ole ab work lead by Rockwell

Hit the Wall at the Shed

25 – air press in cadence

25 air jabs in cadence

rinse repeat

25- air presses single count with right leg out

25- air presses left leg out

25- air jabs left left out

25 air jabs right leg out

On your 6

1 big boy/ 2 merkins/4 air presses– increase big boys by 1 and air presses by 4 until we get to 5 and 20 – merkins stay 2.

Mosey up to benches near school for

25 dips- 3 burpees together

20 dips left leg out – 3 burpees together

20 dips right leg out- 3 burpees together

Mosey to trail heading back toward COT to finish the web

starting at 6 big boys/ 2 merkins/ 28 air presses– get to 10/2/40– whewww



When Wrigley asked me to Q after the turkey trot in the large lots– I had to repay him. I have never Qed client dinner and was overly excited the day was finally here.  The PAX came out in full force today with 28 night owls looking for a early dinner and they delivered. I need to post more here and I will as it is awesome seeing the dads interact with 2.0’s and  I can imagine these kids will remember these types of things forever. We need to all get behind these afternoon sites as it has to be exciting for the 2.0’s and you can see they love it. I appreciate the opportunity Wrigley and I love the support tonight.



XMAS bonfire at nails Friday night check GroupMe for details

High Hat was the 6th man- great story of where he was in his life and where he is now– very inspiring what this F3 thing means to us all– Carb Load brought him out and Deadwood gave him his name do to him being a drummer.

do not forgot appetizer at Rea View elementary

Rice and Beans needs help serving people-  Charlotte and great learning experience of how blessed we are

2 FNGS- we name one Fake News– he is a political major at Arizona state– Sugar Daddy’s FNG who had to leave early was named Sugar Baby..




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