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Who do I see about workplace harassment?

And for my 57th Q, I would be filled with rage just thinking about that smelly turd we all call Posse. I haven’t been so annoyed at another man since I was a rebelling teenager and my dad was a protoclogist of my every move as I challenged every boundary that existed. NOT TODAY PAPA POSSE!

47 degrees this AM and we wouldn’t need gloves but we would need to keep it moving. An awesome number of respects per usual and I would look to keep as much IC/CC as I could to push everyone to their personal limits.

6ft DiCCS covered and I appreciate J-Woww speaking up to encourage social distancing as Site Q, it’s the little things. Well done. And we are off….


Jog to circle, circle up:


• Moroccan Night Club

• Jimmy Dugan

• Calf Stretch

• Can Opener

Mosey towards elementary school. Imperial Walkers waiting on the 6. 10 burpees a minute for 2 minutes.

Mosey to school playground lot. Line up across lot for 20 each of the below and a movement in-between each:

1. Carolina Dry Docks CC

2. Mtn Climbers IC

3. Hand release Merkins IC

4. American Knockouts IC

5. Jump Squats CC

6. Big Boys CC

7. 6” Plank Jacks

8. Squats

Mosey to model home parking lot. 10 Burpees a minute for 2 minutes.

Mosey to clubhouse. Partner up, each grab an entire parking spot. Partner 1 is the timer, run around the entire lot & back to your spot:

• Planks

• R Side Planks

• L Side Planks

• Monkey Humpers

Mosey closer to the playground for 5 rounds of Tyson Bicycle Webb with 3 Situps between each round.

Mosey back to COT and complete rounds 6-10. 4mins and 20secs left for Have a Nice Day! Looked to set the relaxation record as that might have been the only minutes we will relax. Took prayer requests during that time as well.

And we are done!


Great work by everyone this morning. It’s been a minute since i posted at Commitment. It holds a special place in my heart as it’s the first place I ever was broken mentally on my first post. The site has everything to bring the hurt, it was good to be back.

Ghosted. Man I couldn’t be more impressed that your first post was a freaking IPC where you were EH’d by someone that didn’t even show up. Hence the fitting nickname but great work continuing to show up and it’s great to see you still pushing.

Doughboy just shows up and puts in the work everyday. I’ve been a fan of his painfilled Qs since I started. He chooses stupid mashups of exercises that hurt and his attitude is anything that doesn’t involve running. I fully support that idea because I hate running too. Great job everyday bro.

Banjo, I want to pick on you because it’s been so long since you posted but I’m slowly getting back to “myself” after my month long sabbatical too. It’s great to have you back and keep coming. Also I need you to keep posting so you can get back to having enough oxygen in your lungs for your cutting sarcasm during a workout. Keep showing up brotha!

J-Wow always impressed by your drive and push every workout. Positive vibes and prayers up for your wife as you all work through her current medical concerns. Keep posting to shake that mental fog that comes with tough moments in life like this.

Chainsaw posts 4 days a week and as a double respect that’s absurdly impressive. I hope everyone is motivated by your drive to show up every week and keep the body moving. You are an inspiration for many.

Popeye and son, I always love when a 2.0 shows up excited, sprinting at the opening bell and only to quickly realize “maybe I don’t want to do this?” Haha. My boys do it almost every time but workouts with your kids are always an experience. While a lot of it is verbal encouragement to keep pushing, dads leading by example is going to have an impact regardless. Great work today!

Deepdish is another guy that keeps posting and improving. I don’t remember where he started his fitness journey with us but he was out front every run this morning. Great motivation to find a guy you are trailing and to work to pass them. And then when you pass them find another one to chase. We should all be looking to improve both mentally and physically each morning. Get through your mind telling you to stop and lean forward…

Centerfold had knee surgery a few months ago and hasn’t stopped posting. Fully utilizing MASH but also helping to build it up in a moment of his own need. Great motivation that even through injury/recovery we still offer something to everyone. No excuses to stop posting with the ultimate goal to get out to the bootcamps. It’s good to have you back and your signature “fly in with 5 seconds to start” is always a highlight. Haha.

It’s been a minute since I wrote an old fashioned BB where we would highlight each PAX. Today was my first 5 post week since Halloween and before that it was before my trip up north. Finally getting my fitness back to “normal” and it feels good. Rest up fellas and I will see you in the gloom next week!


• Lots of things happening today which have already started, kudos to all already there

• Rice and Beans is looking for volunteers to fill bags 2 days a week. Fully family friendly. Sign up on the site.

• Next Saturday, downtown Waxhaw clean up @ 8am. Followed by coffeeteria at Crossroads.

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