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Objects in reality are further than they appear

Das Boot put the call out last night for a last minute substi-Q for the Body Shop and I jumped on it. I was already planning on attending and grabbing a Passport stamp, so why not, right? Besides, I’m a procrastinator and I don’t put together my weinke until the night before (or morning of) so this wouldn’t be any different. Right?

“You’ve been to this site before, haven’t you?”

Not exactly the phrase you want to hear in the middle of a Q. Well, I’ll get to that…

DiCCS provided to all, freely and lovingly. The lone MASHer, Penalty Box, informed us he’d be leaving and riding his bike at home if no one else showed up.


It’s a bit gloomier in the gloom than usual with the fog swirling, so rather than take us down the entrance road like I planned I made a quick detour around the teacher parking lot instead, just in case Centerfold came in on two wheels per usual. Did the usual SSH, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Jimmy Dugans, and Calf Stretches while slowly moseying our way around the parking lot, back to COT, and then up the entrance road. Yeah, Penalty Box is gone. Counting off light poles we made our way to the 5th one to begin

The Thang

  • Back and Forth

The idea here was to start at the middle light pole and get progressively further away. So, run to the closest light pole, do 7 Speed Skaters (2=1), run past the starting point to the light pole on the other side, do 6 Speed Skaters. Run past the starting pole and the first pole all the way to the second and do 5 Speed Skaters, and so on. Something like 2 4 6 S 7 5 3 1.

In my head it made sense. On paper it made sense. In reality it made sense, but GOOD LORD those light poles are a lot further apart than I remember. So I audibled a bit and instead our Back and Forths looked more like 4 6 S 7 5 3.

Now that might not look so different here in the backblast, but I’m sure anyone attending the workout this morning would agree that it made a big difference. The distance between the 2 and the 1 was a bit much.

Soooo…now that I’ve had the opportunity to see up close and personal how close (read: NOT close) together the light poles were, you’d think I would modify the next set of exercises accordingly. You would think wrong.

  • Down and Back

Everybody grab a lifting rock. “A lifting rock?” Yes, a lifting rock. I may be dumb and I may do a lot of dumb things when I Q, but running with rocks is NOT one of them.

So for this round we’re doing some 7s where the Down is Squats and the Back is laying on your back and doing a Chest Press.

Starting with 6 Chest Presses, put your rock OFF the road in case of cars, then run to the closest light pole and do 1 Squat. Return to your rock and do 5 Chest Presses, run to the 2nd light pole and do 2 Squats and so on.

Have you already figured out what happens next? Yeah, another audible. Those damn light poles are a long way apart. Actually, in my defense, the light poles closest to the school aren’t that far apart and I was thinking (that’s what got me in trouble; thinking) that all the light poles were that close together. Yeah, they’re not. So we audible and do the 4th set of Squats at the 3rd light pole and work our way back to the 2nd then 1st light pole. You’re welcome, everyone.

It was sometime around here that I was asked if I’d been to Body Shop before. Ouch.

Before we put our rocks away we did a little partner work too.

50 Curls, 50 Tricep Extensions, and 50 Weighted Squats as a team. One person runs the short loop around the nearest island.

Find a new partner then do 50 Kettlebell Swings, 50 Shoulder Presses, and 50 Bent Over Rows with a loop around the island.

Return your rock to the pile

  • Round and Round

Back to the starting lot and circle up.

10 Dry Docks IC, 10 LBCs IC, and 10 Lunges OYO then run the parking lot lap as specified below:

  • Side one – Race pace – 70% of your top speed
  • Side two – Recovery pace – 40-50% of your top speed
  • Side three – Finish line pace – 90-100% of your top speed
  • Side 4 – Walk it out
  • Plank until everyone is in

10 Merkins, 10 Big Boi Sit Ups, 10 Bobby Hurleys then run another lap in the same manner

10 Mike Tysons, 10 American Knockouts IC, 10 Bomb Jacks

Time’s up.


Everyone got in over 3 miles and some over 3.5 miles. Good thing the audible exists or we might still be running. It was good coming back to Body Shop. I hadn’t been in a while and I got to see a couple guys I don’t normally see. With so many sites in the Waxhaw region it’s easy to miss guys if you’re always hitting the same place over and over. I try to move around, but seeing these guys this morning is a good reminder I can do better. Get up a few minutes earlier and hit a site you don’t normally visit. Speaking of which, the Passport Challenge is nearly over. Das Boot and Chopper are neck and neck and have clearly taken the challenge to heart as they’re both head and shoulders above everyone else. Keep up the good work guys!


Waxhaw Clean up this Saturday at 8am. Coffeeteria to follow

YHC did a lot of talking this morning with the Q, the Passport Challenge announcement, I was the 6th man, and YHC took us out

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