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Eating Block Burpees for Breakfast

DICCS Given to include social distancing


Warm Up


15- Imperial Walkers

Jimmy Dugan stretch into a plank


Plank into canner open and runners pose

Upward Dog/Downward Dog/Upward Dog/Downward Dog

On backs stretch hammie’s  by pulling legs upward and keep it straight then bend and pull to belly


The Thang

This was a bad idea to start with

Between two light poles rifle carry cinder block and when there 1 blockee ( block burpee) and 4 of a exercise of my choice– continue rifle carry between light poles until you get to 10 and add an additional 4 exercises.

1 blockee- 4 flutters with block above your head

2 blockee’s- 8 windshield wipers

3 blockee’s 12 block merkins

4 blockee’s- 16 flutters with block over head

5- blockee’s – 20 windshield wipers

6- blockee’s- 24 second high plank using block

7- blockee’s- 28 windshield wipers

8- blockee’s- 32 flutters with block over head

9- blockee’s- 36 windshield wipers

10- blockee’s- 40 flutters with block over head

55 blockee’s  ugh ugh ugh..  I think Premature and Chastain were not to happy with the Chicken

Circuit work..

6 spaces laid out and every in their on space for 30 seconds of work a 7 second rest to move to next space ( 3 full rounds

  • Jump over block
  • Kettle Bell Swing with block
  • 30 second high plank with block
  • Curls
  • Squat thrusters
  • Military Press

Webb of pain

  • 10 derkins 10 big boys– decrease each by 1 until you get to 1 and 1– 55 total of each in 3.5 minutes- wow..


While I have only posted here twice I was honored to be Qing when Chastain volunTOLD  me to Q  I could not pass this up. It is odd not to run any at a workout but this site has a lot to offer and I am starting to like it—Unless Zinfandel is on  Q cause he just makes things weird ( I.E video last week) yikes!!!

After the IPC I have put a personal challenge to myself to work on strength ( Since I about puked multiple times when it came to strength/cinder block work– ask Recalculating he will agree I am a weak little bird) verse running and this is the place to throw the gauntlet down especially if your on Q. I would challenge the runners to hit this site up once in a while it will definitely push you. The PAX today pushed hard and eventually got over the starting out with 55 blockees round about the time we got in our cars and left, but they did ( I think??).

Turn buckle– Heck of a job dude and good luck on next phase of weight loss– you got this

Penalty Box- WTF dude you 72 years old and still crushing it– also this is the first time I worked out with you in a small group and your funny. Love the comments today and chatter.

Premature- dude crushed pursuit yesterday and still came out to a new site– your crushed this as well today. Speaking of funny– how about a Q leaving 2/3’s of the PAX at  COT – your BB yesterday had me rolling. I can only imagine what they thought when you left them. Of course Hurry ran you down like you were his prey to let you know what you did.. He probably told every to wait until you had a mile or so head start so he could actually have a challenge .

Centerfold- My man came rolling in a few minutes late and he reason was he did not want to hear my DICCS.. HOW RUDE!! LOL hell of a job today brother.

Chastain– how do you slow a gazelle down??– throw cinder blocks in his hand .. Not sure it worked the dude just gets after it at each and every workout– nice work brother



  • clean up downtown Saturday
  • Blood Drive is coming– information coming soon it will be in January 30th at Five Stones- No worries on getting into the details I have a feeling it will be communicated to everyone over/over and maybe even over.
  • Feed the homeless downtown– very impactful so sign up – but more to come on this being on going
  • 6am Nesbit for ruck or walk tomorrow
  • Wednesday the family that we adopted the food and gifts will be dropped off

Also during my travels I have noticed at COT’s the Q tends to tell some sort of positive story and inspiration message. It has not been long winded but it puts things in perspective– Memphis yesterday the Q had a line from a book he was  reading— that hit home– Do not get caught up in the negative be caught up in the positive around you. This is not exactly the line ( chickens have small brains) but that was the intent of his message..  That really hit home with me, it is so easy to be boo hoo whoo is me ( job sucks, upset at wife for something stupid , not enough people at my site when I Qed today after I polite asked many people to show and get their darn passport tramp stamp, dog peed on carpet, did not sleep good last night, mad at kid for a missed assignment ect….)  — PAUSE A MINUTE….. long pause…  Many people are struggling MUCH MUCH more than that– Get out of your own way and be the positive force with all the negative around us and find that person or persons that might need you. But if your are struggling or need a lift reach out to the peeps in our group or someone you trust — unless they live in Lawson, that crowd is not much support,, lol


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