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There’s no way that you came from my loins. Soon as I get home, first thing I’m gonna do is punch yo mamma in da mouth.

Manziel, Whip, Rhapsody, Geraldo, Chubbs, Spyglass, Pine Tar, Honeymoon, Lex, Chopper, Posse, Horsehead

13 at the Kevlar for 12 Days of Christmas Music, set to “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, by the Vince Guaraldi Trio.  Well, at least the first part.

You know the deal, or at least you do now.  12 Day of Christmas – run it through and add a day each time.  Lapsody and OnYourLeft Whip did a bonus round while we finished up.

  •  1 Lap
  • 12 Merkins
  • 12 BB situps
  • 12 Jump Squat
  • 12 Plank Jack
  • 12 Heels to Heaven
  • 12 Peter Parker
  • 12 Flutter
  • 12 Sister Mary Catherine
  • 12 Dolly
  • 12 SSH
  • 12 Burpees


Some boys from “The Haw” (which was apparently nicknamed by Junior Samples) rolled in to get their Passports stamped.  While we ran around in a lighted parking lot, Posse donned a full safety ensemble, with a codpiece geiger counter and a suit of armor fashioned out of aluminum foil.  He didn’t like the Charlie Brown music either, but I think it was just the ill-fitting codpiece talking.  Something was mentioned about NPR radio, but ever since Garrison Keillor got cancelled for penning dirty limericks I’ve been out of touch.

After Charlie’s football was snatched away, we moved on to some “Christmas Wrapping” by the Waitresses (Geraldo request) and then some Burl Ives, Dean, Frank, and who know what else came on while the phone was unattended.  Don’t tell me I’m not a man of the people.  Next year, I’ll bring in a pouty chanteuse to sing Santa Baby for everyone while passing around a jug of Tigerball.

There was discussion at the COT as to whether the countoff should be done Clockwise, or Widdershins.  I know that Metro is seated vs. A51 standing, but I’m (surprisingly) agnostic on these things.  Chime in with your thoughts on this.

Lots of Holiday Convergences, with all sorts of unnecessary time shifting and random late-day happenings, so be sure to check all of the proper internet channels to track these things lest you end up alone in a parking lot at the time when real workouts are supposed to start.

I would interject some more Beaufort T. Justice quotes, but they are not as funny with the substituted $%*!@ symbols they require.  Jackie Gleason was a pure comedy master.  We named a guy Beaufort T. once, I think.  It was over at Joust when it used to be a real workout.  Wonder what happened there?  Not to Joust (we know what happened there), but to the guy?


New Waxhaw workout starting at Porter Ridge HS, which is not in Waxhaw.  Figure it out.


your pal,


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