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12 Days (and Reps) of Christmas


Mosey around parking lot.  IW (oops I mean SSH) in cadence x 24, IW in cadence x 24, Merkins in cadence x 12 & Mountain Climbers in cadence x 24.  Stretching – up/down dogs, calves.


Mosey to rock pile for PAX to select coupon of their choice.  Mad Dog showed all of us up with the CMU coupon mysteriously sitting amongst the rocks.  Elf or Q handy work prior to post?   3 sets of 24 each of overhead press, curls, tri’s and chest.  Audible to 12 reps for tri’s and chest for time sake.  Run/jog a lap around lot after each set of 24/12.  At opposite corner of rock pile, 12 each squats and Bobby Hurley’s……alternate each lap.  216 total reps (with audibles) and 12 laps in between.

Mosey to parking lot for burpees.  4 sets of 3 burpees with run from curb line to first stall.  12 burpees total

Mosey back to COT and finish with 12 Big Boys.


Q had to shake off early cobwebs with calling for SSH and performing IW’s.  PAX were cordial and gave Q a break.  Must be true holiday spirit.  No announcement of “12 days / reps” theme so for those who didn’t connect the dots, here you go.

Announcements / Closing

Deep Dish sent out prayer request for Walter Wisniewski.  Walter worked for me right out of school +/- 20 years ago.  Was informed yesterday that Walter died of a massive heart attack in Chicago on Friday.  At 40 years old, way too early to leave this earth but God must have plans.  Reminder (and thanks) to all present about the value of working out and maintaining a healthy life style.

Posts through holidays to start at 6:30.  No posts on Christmas Day.

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