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Bear Crawls are Dumb

13 men came to have a good time.   been a couple of years since the Flash guys invited me to Q…..just sayin. Nobody cares.

Run to HS parking lot
SSH x 15 ic, merkins x7 ic, mountain climbers x 7 ic, plank jacks x 7 ic, Peter Parkers x 7 ic, wide arm merkins x 7 ic, cdd x 7 ic

To roundabouts:
neverending bear crawl around top roundabout, then 20 merkins. Run to bottom on hill roundabout, forever bear crawl around it, then 20 bomb jacks.
Repeat 3 times.
Mary lbc, heels to heaven

To bus hill:
Suicides at each stop light 15 speed skaters, back to start and 5 burpees each time

To front of ms: makjar njiye x 10 ic, meekins

5 mile tysons, 10 merkins, 15 plank jacks, 20 donkey kicks- then run to far curb. Repeat but get rid of an exercise every time until time was called.

As for the title, might as well throw in burpees while we’re here. I could probably go on and on with some of the crazy and weird exercises found in the 100 page exicon as well. I guess not everyone wants to get soft just running all the time.

But for whatever reason, I chose to incorporate a ridiculous amount of bear crawling into the prepped weinke (which involved getting to campus early and drawing 4 chalk lines on the pavement).
However, the cool thing was not only the fact that I was the only one verbally complaining about my own Q, but also might have been the only one that couldn’t make it around without stopping. Shout out to the Flash guys that just kept breathing heavy working hard nonstop. The entire crew was within reach the full 45. Maybe it was too easy of a workout. May have to come back soon to redeem myself. Solid stuff all around.

Dasher wanted to prove that although he’s been an OG Express member, boot camps are where he shines. Out front all day. Recalculating, Schneider and Chicken Little weren’t too far behind and were pushing the pace. Mr. Form police might have called me soft at some point, but at least our form was decent (for those that care about form anyway).

Always helps to have a bunch of solid F3 veteran leaders with no Damascusing to round out the group.  Makes the Q’s job easy

And I now know that the rest of these fools can start sprinkling some more Swarm, Ignition in their weekly workouts. Minus the bear crawls of course. 2021 F3 goals
And shout out to Popeye for bringing his nephew, a 10 year old future hedge fund manager who I think revealed that he already has 1000 shares of Tesla stock in his portfolio. Now known As Gecko.


New Years Day workout coming-details soon

See Mayhem Stu for mission opportunity 1/26-2/2. More details coming soon.

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