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Closing out 2020 with One Word

18 men showed up at The Floater to say good bye riddance to 2020 with a 45 60 minute tour of Downtown Waxhaw’s 3 picturesque notorious hills.  The pleasant surprise of an extra 15 minutes was received warmly, especially by the NO-show Co-Site Q (I might trademark “NO-show” as it is very fitting for those who kNOw him).

  • Weather:  Gloomy with a high probability of headlamps
  • Pre-Run:  3 suckers brave PAX took a 30 minute preview of the 3 hills
  • DCCS:  This is the METROpolis of Waxhaw so special emphasis on Safety; sounds obvious but don’t trust the guy in front of you when crossing the street . . . Look for yourself


  • 2 Exercise Themes:
    • Allow everybody to run at their max speed while keeping everybody together
      • Ran “Another Bad Idea”, “Bad Idea”, and “Keith Jong Hill
    • Doing exercises together and waiting for others to finish
      • 20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps
      • Merkins, Supines, Hip Dips, Heel-touch Box Jumps
  • 1 Discussion Theme:
    • One Word that was your focus in 2020 or will be your focus in 2021


  • We paused throughout the workout and had a few guys share their ONE WORD while the rest of us planked/Al Gored
  • EDITOR’S NOTE/QUESTIONS:  Listening to these MEN this morning, it is very encouraging to me and very clear that we have something special in this group.  Do you truly believe it?
    • If you don’t, are you not leaning in enough?
    • Do you need to be more vulnerable?
    • What areas are you holding back?
    • Have you done a project by yourself?  Have you done a project with a bunch of others?  Which one is more fun and more accomplishing?
  • Some of the Words and notes shared this morning:
    • REFINEMENT:  Keep filtering out the bad in my life (ie screen time, wasteful endeavors) and adding good (ie family time, educational reading/podcasts)
    • REVOLT:  Don’t give into the negativity and noise that is keeping me away from pursuing deeper relationships with family and faith
    • COMMIT:  Jump in see things through
    • SERVICE:  Look for ways I can serve others, especially those in need
    • FOCUS:  Less focus on me and more focus on family and others in my life
    • RESILIENCE:  Keep showing up and breaking down barriers
    • JESUS:  Listen and pursue Him more in all aspects of my life
    • FELLOWSHIP:  Stop just focusing on my fitness and begin being more intentional with 2nd F acts and events
    • GENEROSITY:  Being more giving my money and my time
    • THANKFULNESS:  With all that happened in 2020, I have a lot to be thankful for
    • PURGE:  Getting rid of the bad things in my life so I have more margin for good things
    • TRUST:  Stop modifying throughout my daily life and begin trusting and following the Lord’s plans

Take a look at those ONE WORDS and explanations.  Those were spoken about by MEN this morning.  MEN that need each other.  MEN that want to be better leaders . . . In their homes, their workplaces, and their communities.  I’m VERY thankful to have these MEN in my circle.  You make me better and more importantly, you make me WANT to be better and WORK HARD to be better.  Not just TALK about being better.  Please hold me accountable in 2021.  Help me REFINE every aspect of my life.


  • NEW YEAR’S DAY:  Convergence to celebrate F3Nation’s 10 year anniversary
    • 0800-0900
    • Cuthbertson Middle
    • 2 workout options
      • Bootcamp
      • Gear (limited/no running)
    • Coffeeteria in parking lot directly after workout
    • Invite a neighbor, friend, or a Kotter (F3 guy you haven’t seen in awhile)
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