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Blackhawk 1/2/2021

5 for a 2021/F3 10-year “Celebration” led by Atlas


LSM from COT to Firehouse at 521 for stretching


LSM back to parking lot on left for “Island Hopping Suicides”

Run or other varying modes of movement to first island and do 5 reps of called exercise “Merkins”. R/R to second and third island. R/R for 3 rounds.

LSM to Pond for 4 corners.

Start with Indian Run mosey to first corner and do 21 reps (in honor of the new year) of called exercise and then Indian Run mosey to second corner for 10 reps (in honor of the F3 10 year anniversary) of called exercise then R/R for 3rd and 4th corner.

R/R X 4 rounds with varying exercises.


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