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Sipping Coffee

As we look to start of the new year on the right foot someone forgot to “reset the alarm” to normal hours.  So, I jumped in to take on the largest Ignition Pax.  Looks like we have some folks looking to get out of their comfort zone.

Must have gotten a little excited to lead and took off without the DiCCs.  We moseyed over to the HS parking lot.  Gave the disclaimer before exercising.


SSH x 15 IC

Imperial Walker x 15 IC

MTC x 15 IC

Calf Stretch

Runner Stretch


The Thang

So, it turned into a little Waxhaw Express workout to start.  Had to pull the rabbit out of the hat on the fly this morning.


Ran from HS to MS COT and did some ab exercises

Ran back to HS parking lot and did some ab exercises


Ran from drivers ed lot to round about + ab exercises

Ran back to drivers ed lot + ab exercises


Started at the wooden benches with 30 dips

Ran around the island to the bottom round about 20 merkins

Rinse and repeat 3 times


Over to the HS steps

1 burpee, up the steps 5 Mike Tysons, down the path 10 squats

Rinse and repeat 5 times


Mosey to the yellow brick road

5 jump squats and 10 speed skaters at each light.


Glad to see such a large crowd out in the gloom.  Everyone was pushing a little extra today.  Good to have Deadwood backout.  Would like to see the crazy cabin guy come out in his Pjs now that we have FNG Rousey with us.


New workouts starting this week

Wednesday – Petsmart Wesley Chapel – KB and sprints

Friday – Marvin Ridge HS – Bootcamp

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