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NW: Hunter Oaks

I don’t much care about getting counted, but my fellow Pax do.

Walking around Das Boot & C3PO’s neighborhood of Hunter Oaks for an hour. There are plenty of SOB & Area51 guys in this huge development, and Das made a valiant effort to get them to show. Zero did show, but Prohibition gave a nod to imply he would be there for next week’s walk through Providence Downs. We did run into

What I notice in these walks is every time a Pax reveals something about themselves that would never come up in a workout, someone else will always reply with an element of “Me, too!” Whether it’s a place they used to live or trouble with their kids, it always reassures us that we are not alone in our struggles, regardless of the struggle. If you feel like you’re the only one going through something, you are believing a lie.


Blood drive:

Habits > Public Goals > Private Resolutions – Be vulnerable & transparent in what you want to accomplish this year. Just like we mock most guys for trying to hit the gym for the first 3 weeks in January & never go again, you fall into the same trap when you make a private resolution. You increase your chances for success by telling others what your goals are for the year. Chances increase further when you put them on this spreadsheet for your brothers to read:–6LTfOhoocT0/edit?usp=sharing
It covers all the popular topics: Word of the Year, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd F, Concentrica, & Other. At the beginning of each month, this sheet gets publicized again to show your progress.
I didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted last year, but I got way more than I ever did in years past when I just did it alone. I’ve read “The Power of Habit” & “Atomic Habits”, so I feel even more confident about breaking these goals down into components that have to be done on a daily or weekly basis to hit that accomplishment.

New AO: Clean Slate in Porter Ridge 630-730. This Saturday has IL’er (even though he lives in Waxhaw) Passport on Q. Yes, he will be driving close to an hour to Q at an AO because he knows the importance of #GiveItAway. Tons of FNG’s to harvest in that area!

New AO: Last Call at Marvin Ridge Fridays 600-645. First Q goes to Goodfella

New AO: Cowbell at PetSmart in Wesley Chapel 530-615. First Q (today) was Ice9 🤮

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