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Success!!!!….or did he fake it???

Ever since I started F3, Ice9 has always encouraged me and pushed me to get better. I really have appreciated it. The guy is a workout beast and pushes himself every day. So, when Ice shows up to your post, the goal of the Q is to make it challenging enough for him  to dry heave.  Today, as we were on our final stretch going up KJH, Ice was crushing it as usual and I hear the MAGICAL ” dry heaving”–SUCCESS!!! SUCCESS!!!!! Yes… Goal Achieved…. But after a few minutes my mind started playing tricks on me…., I started thinking–He is such a nice guy…was he faking it …was he faking it so I would feel good about my Q????    Ahhhhh, this is a question we may never know?????????



DICCS given and its time to Mosey as it was chilly….completed full loop back to starting point parking lot for some SSH, IW, Moroccan Night Clubs, Arm Windmills, Calf Stretch, Runners Stretch, Jimmy Dugans, Upward and Downward Dog….we are ready!


Mosey to beautiful downtown Waxhaw and keep running until we hit The Baptist Church Parking Lot for a little Bear Crawling….getting warm now.

Now, complete 15 Merkins in the Baptist Church Parking Lot then run over to the Lutheran Church Parking Lot for 15 Bobby Hurley’s …Rinse and repeat for 3 reps. Great job pushing it here fellas!

Time to Mosey to the new Swimming Pool Parking Lot for an Abs/Core Four Corners….Start in the middle island with 2 Burpees then run to a corner and complete the ab exercise (20) then back to the middle for 2 burpees –rinse and repeat.

At each of the 4 Corners complete 20 ab exercises-1st Corner: Flutters, 2nd Corner Big Bois,  3rd Corner American Hammers, 4th Corner: LBC’s

Now we are ready to finish this bad boy up…what is a Waxhaw workout without the Monster Hill (KJH)….. Mosey over to that Unforgiving Bad Boy (KJH). We will run up the hill stopping at the  4 light poles  Stop at the first light pole complete 3 Burpees and then return to the bottom for 10 T-Merkins . Then go to the second light pole and return to the bottom for 10 T-merkins -rinse and repeat until 4 light poles are completed.

Now its time for everyone to push it back to COT….go at your own speed and discretion This hill is rough.

What is that I hear??????  I  hear dry heaving!!!!     YES!


I was so impressed the way each man was putting in maximum effort today…Thank-You

Shout-out to the  guys that were coming off injuries or nursing injuries—you were pushing the best you could and crushing it….Great job.

17 for Floater with 2 for Mash

It was my pleasure leading this great group of guys today….



New Bootcamp workout starts tomorrow:


AO Location:  Marvin Ridge High School

Goodfella will be on Q for a 6 am start time.


Reminder 9am Saturday: Paper Jam needs help moving items from Blakeney to Waxhaw .Details are on F3 service opportunities or reach out if you can help.


Zinfandel mentioned tracking your goals for 2020 on the F3 spreadsheet—for example one of his was to take his boys to the evening workouts…I have witnessed him doing this…..this tool is a great accountability source.

One of mine is to encourage/compliment my kids and wife on a daily basis. Since I was Q today, I encouraged all PAX to do so today within an hour of getting home as YHC took us out…(love the response Trojan received!)

Have a great day fellas!






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