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From 7 workouts a week to 30 a week NOW!!

And for my 61st Q, I yet again forgot I signed up but that’s ok. I’ve been sharpening my skill set for this very moment. Or in this case, I can search in my phone for the last time my boys and I Q’d Clyent Dinner in the past! Little rinse and repeat with a few changes to our dinner menu? Yup…

Pull up to a few PAX in the lot but only one other dude with a kid there but holy sheet Tupperware was there!! Welcome back dude. Lot begins to fill up with more and more cars. Maybe our menu has gone viral? Or maybe the challenge of working out with your 2.0s had an impact?

6ft DiCCS given. Let’s goooooo…..


Mosey towards the middle school and circle up in front. Time to warm up and stretch these frames of ours:

• 20 x SSH

• 10 x Moroccan Night Club

• 10 x Imperial Walker

• Jimmy Dugan

• Calf Stretch

• Can Opener Stretch

Partner up, sizes don’t matter. First course is Mac & Cheese with a hot lap in between. Look at the first word of each exercise, it’s spells it. Nailed it!:

• Merkins

• Abcs with feet

• Carolina Dry Docks &

• Crawl Bear

• Hurpees (Hand Release Merkins)

• E2K (Elbow to Knee)

• E2K flip flop

• Squats

• Eleven Burpees – TOGETHER!!

Mosey to Picnic Tables. Gladiator course for the kids across the picnic tables while the dads complete:

• 50 x Dips, run to Alcove, 20 x Donkey Kicks, run back to rinse and repeat.

Mosey to long sidewalk and we have arrived at Rudy’s Poo palace. Abs at every light due to too much pizza. Everyone takes a turning calling one out and counting! 10 or 20 each…Rinse & Repeat.

Time for a fire drill…. everyone circle up in the grass. High knees and take takes turns yelling “FIRE!!”. Once yelled everyone drops down and rolls to the right, does a merkin, rolls to the left, another merkin and back up for high knees. Audible due to wet grass so we did a gang of burpees instead.

Back to the sidewalk for more abs at every light en route to to COT. We covered about every ab exercise that exists. Complete. That’s time…


First and foremost welcome back Catnip! Great to see you with your 3 daughters that did great today. Welcome Sour Patch, Enchilada and Pepperoni to our group. Honestly that’s what it’s all about. Having some fun with dad while actually getting a good workout in. Some dads are out there just to have fun, some are out to get their kids uncomfortable and some are there for both. Regardless of the reason our kids are getting better posting alongside us!

I mentioned in my social post about the “connective tissue” that keeps us coming back and for most of us it’s adding in the 2nd and 3rd F. Due to this Covid world that’s a bit more difficult these days but night’s like tonight fill my cup beyond almost anything else. 31 pax is just a blessing to be a part of with that many kiddos. I’m more thankful for this F3 group than I’m able to show but it’s what keeps me so active in everything I do with our group.

When you first get to F3 you are so in your head trying to feel out what the group is about and trying to grasp just how out of shape you have gotten. That was me at least in the beginning but you slowly begin to wonder “who is making all this happen?”. Like how/why are people volunteering to lead? Then you are eventually asked to knockout your VQ and with butterflies in your gut you realize the high expectations that come with taking on that role for 45-60mins. I don’t get the nerves like a use to but I still put the same amount of time in an attempt at “fun” as I did in the beginning.

I’m 2.5 years in and still looking for ways to contribute because the impact this brotherhood has had on my life is immeasurable. When I first started I think we had maybe just 1 workout a day Monday – Saturday, except Thursdays with Floater and Pursuit. Now we have 3 x Mondays, 4 x Tuesdays, 4 x Wednesdays, 4 x Thursdays, 4 x Fridays, 4 x Saturdays and 1 x Sunday. Now add in MASH 6 x days a week. That’s freaking 30 workouts vs 7 when I started. Just amazing.

While sometimes a board member might see a day to add a workout it’s usually just a pax stepping up to lead. They don’t ask for permission per se but will run the idea by a few pax to get buy in. Then it just happens. It’s that simple. Do you have any ideas for F3 Waxhaw? Doesn’t have to be workout related. How will leave your impact? Create a lasting legacy? How will you help others around you that need it?

Cheers brothers and kids! Thanks for allowing me to lead and thank you to Chastain for taking us out.


See BBs from today for more info.

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