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You know you might be a redneck….

You know you might be a redneck – when you start complaining about the weather forecast a week before the “cold” weather (37 degrees) is forecasted…..

You know you might be a redneck when  you don’t even set your alarm to get up on a cold and rainy day to work out….

You know you might be a redneck when you workout under an awning so you won’t melt or ruin your makeup….

7 Pax set their alarms, took control of the circumstances (fartsacking/weather/or fear of AmRAPS) to find the joy, play like a kid, joke and support each other for the monthly Amrap at Swarm and Impromptu.

Quick DCCS and Mosey over to HS Gym to get ready for the circuit.  We were greeted by Swarmer’s who finished a lap and made a plan to start with us.

Circuit as follows:

HS – 20 Big Boi

Path – 20 Squats

Poop Palace – 20 airpress

BB court – bunny hop – up/back

benches – 20 Derkins

lap counter 2x burpees.

most got 3 to 4 laps in.

Then dasher took us back to the benches for some ab and merkin work.

Finished with an ab-webb led by Ice9 – lots of heaving from all Pax in attendance

The beauty of the smaller settings is that you can get to know a fellow pax a bit better.  For me – I was able to connect further with SugarDaddy;  Did you know that SD played college basketball?? well he did – small school in Missouri.  He’s had 2 stints in Germany – and back to Ohio for his career with America Greeting cards – now we know why SD is always so happy – he probably wrote those congrats!! cards at AG.

Kudos to Chainsaw and Akbar for ignoring the weather and the fartsack button.  Chainsaw RR has the greatest generation mentality – no complaining – show up – do you job—do what you should do – type of guy.  yea we want to shoot for the front of the pack – be faster/stronger… At 61 I want to shoot for just being able to to be in the Pax for the workouts…. speed is good…longevity wins the race

Akbar – if Covid recovery wasn’t tough enough – dude took a spill on some slippery pavement— but still chugged on.  I’m amazed at his resolve to keep working out given his responsibility to such a larger community.  Akbar is the one that changes peoples lives on a daily basis— he’s the true definition of HIM.

Hats off to Dasher for re-setting the course and developing the plan today.  I think Dasher is turning a “cold” weather corner.  2 years ago he closed it down during the winters  – and now he’s leading amraps in freezing-rainy weather.  He’s part of the OG and a founding member of  Waxhaw express-more to come on that.

Ice9 – It’s good to have someone to chase (and make fun of) that is out in front of you on the workouts – it is what each of should be looking for in the workout.  It not only acts to help propel you – but as you move faster you’re pulling someone behind you as well.  (PS – I found Ice9’s cryptonite – bunny hops….)

Gerber – Thanks for bringing the “running” theme to Waxhaw with some others  – As much as a lot of PAX may not like to run (or are any good at it) – it’s another tool that can help to accelerate your fitness level.  Added bonus of having Gerber around is the selfie photo light equipment – besides being a great guy.

So as bad as many thought the rainy-cold amprap might be – I think the 7 of us enjoyed our morning…I know I did.

So I’m thankful for the entire F3Waxhaw which as so much power- but the multiplier lies in the individual.

Tons of new workout options – see previous backblasts

Lots of service opps – see the channel

I’m headed to the new site in Indian Trail – Clean Slate tomorrow. Put some miles on your low riders adn get out that way to help  build out a new geography.

Ice9 took us out..

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