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911, What is Your Emergency?

Last night I posted on GroupMe something silly about getting in 5 miles. (Don’t drink and write your weinke and definitely don’t publicize it the night before).  I came in HOT, good thing for back up alarm at 5:50am, otherwise I would have fartsacked, I was in the mist of a dream about missing my alarm and missing my Q, funny how that works.

Warm Up  Run down to and around traffic circle back to COT.  Circle Up – Imperial Walkers, Jimmy Dugans, Merkins.  Mosey to school entrance.  Calf Stretch, Can Opener, Moroccan Night Clubs.  Mosey down street to Millbridge Parkway, stop at street light.  Downward Dog.  Mosey to Millbridge bridge, Mountain Climbers.  Mosey to Millbridge Club House.

The Thang  I explained to the Pax we would be running uphill on Millbridge Parkway, stopping at every intersection.  At each intersection we would do the following: 1 Burpee / 9 Mike Tyson’s / 21 Bobby Hurley’s.  We would stop when someone spills Merlot or we run out of road.  Most important thing for the day is NO MARY, EVERYONE circles back for the Six.  If you circle back to the six and run to the next intersection and the 6 is still not in, CIRCLE BACK.  We would all be starting the exercises together as a group.  Gazelle’s would get more mileage in that way and it gave more motivation to the 6 to push harder.  Lots of intersections, we got up to Hudson Mill Dr.

Time to head back, this time at every intersection: 1 Burpee / 9 SSH’s/ 21 Squats.

Just as we head back down, my cell phone somehow dials 911 (how does that happen when it’s in a cell holder strapped to my arm?).  Alarm Sound Blaring and a Voice saying “911, What is Your Emergency”.  I stop, take off my gloves, get my phone out and tell the operator I’m fine, somehow my phone accidentally dialed 911 while I was out running.  I was very out of breath.  Cue the large barking dog, Cue a woman screaming the words “Get Back Here”!  Operator then asks for my address.  I state I’m running in Millbridge, reiterate it was an accident and I’m fine, false alarm and I hang up.  911 Calls Back, same screaming woman in the background, same barking dog, same fat out of breath (yhc) guy states he’s fine, it was a mistake, I hang up and carry on.

I call an audible and in lieu of 21 squats we do 21 merkins on my count.  We run down to entrance of trail, just before Millbridge clubhouse.  After the 6 is in, with about 10 minutes left, someone asks are we Moseying back to COT?  I said, yes we are.  However, I know how much you all love this Hill and we therefore Mosey back up the hill to the first intersection, run through the 1/9/21 reps and head back to the trail head.  Circle back for 6, now it was time to head back to COT.  Stop at Bridge.  Derkins on the bridge, on my down, we got to around 15 when my feet lost their grip and I fall on my face.

Less than a minute left, OYG to COT.

If you are wondering, Pax mileage ranged from 3 miles to 4 miles, depending upon how much you circled back for the six. Too much time stopping for exercises impeded distance, though running uphill for a good portion was a treat.


Moving Service Opp, Blood drive on the 30th, Rice and Beans.  YHC took us out.


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