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Clean Slate Take Two

A new year and a new site. For those of you in the Indian Trail-ish area this is THE site for you if you want a boot camp workout Saturday mornings. Phenomenal AO with three large schools (elementary, middle, and high) all in the same location; we got almost 3 miles in and never even left the high school. And no, we didn’t just run in circles.  Not a lot anyways.

Twelve PAX posted to keep the initial “launch workout” from the previous Saturday going strong.


short mosey followed by SSH, IW, cherry pickers, and merkins


We spent some time around the tennis courts, first to the entrance to the HS to do some Billy Blanks, squat jumps, and heels to heaven. Then back to tennis courts where we teamed up to complete 100 step ups between sprints. Run, stop for box cutters, then sprint to next station where we did alternating layups broken up by sets of 10 in-n-outs for a total of…. a lot. Run to next station for 10 sets of side to side jogging with 10 x10 alternating jumping lunges. Run to next station where we sprinted to the four corners of the parking lot stopping just long enough at each corner to do five burpees. Then back to our starting position. Our last station was 50 squats in sets of ten with sprinting in between.
Then we circled up and completed 250+ gorilla humpers as a team. Finished last few minutes with Mary

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