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NW: Providence Downs

12 Pax & 2 Pax-sniffers break attendance records in record-breaking cold!

I thought sure the cold would keep most everyone away but the Turnbuckliest or Chickeniest among us. Instead, I was astounded with returning champ Pennywise, and site FNG’s Von Trapp, Midriff, Dyn-O-Mite, & Boitano!

2nd week in NW, & Pennywise gets it – rotate around and talk to guys; figure out what you have in common.

People say not to give Posse your phone number or you will be mercilessly EH’ed. I think today proved that letting Das Boot know where you live is even worse. He pointed out where One Star lived. That’s when several told the story of him setting his pool furniture on fire (accidentally?).
But when we got around the corner to Boitano’s house, Das implied that he got more of a commitment for Boitano to join last night. But he wasn’t with us. Following Das’ lead, as the video clearly shows, he & I did monkey humpers at his front door. #NewKnock
Before we made it to the corner, Boitano was outside in his Off My Lawn jammers. He asked how much longer we had, & he went back inside to get more clothes & his 2.0, Emory, as we finished off the last 20 minutes together.

Turnbuckle stayed in the lead today as he didn’t want his fitness tracker to time out on him & potentially not get (digital) credit for this walk. On consecutive day 41, I think?

The Chicken has been quiet this past week, so I was relieved to see him this morning. I didn’t know how this NW thing was going to go, but I was hoping beginning new friendships like I have with CL would be one of the results. We’re at the point where he can answer someone else’s questions about my background before I can. A caring man who shows that he’s listening to everything you say.

Von Trapp started off a little quiet today, as expected when starting something new. But he quickly figured out what was going on and got to chattin’. Want to see you again soon in the gloom!

Midriff – always happy when we get to meet at the same AO. He brought 2/3 of his 2.0’s: Esther was doing great on her bike, while Avery was Midriff’s human ruck. Esther is lucky she got her bike back from me; if those heart-shaped pedals were the next size up, she was going home with a trunk full of nothin’.

Pennywise & I definitely had a pinch of nostalgia as Midriff’s 2.0’s were talking & running with us. The tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap & the stories quickly took us back to when our kids were that age. We didn’t preach to him, “Remember these times – you’ll miss them!” We don’t have to. Today showed that Midriff was fully present for these two. When you do that, there is no regret for the past. You can hold those memories with as much gratitude as you do for the present moment.

So glad to see Dyn-O-Mite out! A current rarity who promised today to be more present at F3. Boosted by our gratitude for him sharing this video, he shared this one in The Playhouse. Yes, those are onions in your coffee.

Next week at Marvin Creek.

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