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“Uh oh. The site’s Blue Screened”

Station 1 – Mosey around the school to the teachers parking lot 

  • 20 sides straddle hops  
  • 10 Potato pickers  
  • Runners stretch 
  • Calf stretch 
  • Front leg swingups

Station 2 – flag near football field 

  • Pick rock in middle  
  • 10 overhead rock presses run to flagpole one and do five step-ups or jumps 
  • Back to middle 10 overhead rock presses 
  • Run to the flagpole to and do five Durkins 
  • Four sets total

Station 3 – building entrance 
(Pair up) 

  • partner 1: 100 donkey kicks, 88 Merkins (repeat as needed)  
  • “88” comes from 1988 where Zinfandel bizarrely reference BlueScreen having a 1988 Seoul Korea sweatshirt in pre-workout post.  I did have that shirt, but got rid of it a few years ago (before F3)!! How the heck did he ever come up with that?? BIZARRE!! 
  • Partner 2: run the loop  
  • Five sets total

Station 4- bottom of the hill 
(Done as a team) 

  • 15 speed skaters (2=1), then 15 Standing side  lunges 
  • Run the hill loop

Station 5 

  • Run across to bus parking lot 
  • 20 steps, 15 dips on picnic tables followed by one parking lot lap X 3 sets


  • Circle up. Everybody rolls the magic all-knowing F3 exercise ball one time  
  • Did all the ball said except the “15 Zinfandel titty-twisters!”

    Before prayer, Bluescreen took up Zins’s “older than 1988 shirt challenge” and lifted up the outer shirt to reveal an ancient 1983 Chesapeake Light Race shirt! Zin was curious about how Blue cleans his clothes and preserves them.  BS says he does not wash his clothes – the secret to long life! 

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